18 March 2014

RANTING & VENTING - It's Your Right!

Hello lovelies,
I know I've been MIA for some days now...I really have not done this before, just trying to play around and see how things work out.

Ok. It's been a lot of preparation and hopes for the long awaited semester exams after the ASUU strike. It was scheduled to start today 18 March, rumours started flying up, down, and center that the exams have been postponed till further notice... What! It had better not be true!

Confirmed! The exam has been postponed. Why? Till further notice.

Why must the students be the ones to pay the price of any anomaly in the educational sector...should there be any at all? These people embark on strikes without considering the students. These are individuals who have mapped out plans for their lives, to finish tertiary education at a specific period in their lives but these plans get shattered by incessant and prolonged strike actions.

It is so sad that the students do not have a voice of their own, they have to play by the rules which often do not go down well with them.

This is a clarion call to all... ASUU, ASUP, Minister for Education, Minister of Education, VCs, Rectors, Provosts, and others concerned with the growth of education in Nigeria, please do not let our educational system die a tragic death.

Do you feel me? Are we on the same page? Then spread this "piece of rant" until it gets to the appropriate ears...probably!

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