15 April 2014


1. Do not wear a vest or sleeve-less top without shaving your armpits or without a bra underneath... No man, not even your husband, will like to see you that way.

.2. Do not leave cheap nail polish to wear off on its own, there's a reason they sell nail polish remover...

3. If you can’t afford good quality weaves, don’t bother. Just pack your hair neatly.

4. Do not do artificial nails that make you look like a dragon queen, being simple is always sexy. Just try it once and you will love doing it always. Have you heard men talk about a lady being natural before? It's because they like natural women.

5. See-through leggings or a top used as a dress when you are out in public is a hell-to-the-no!

6. Never do things for a man with a hope of getting something in return, expectations are dangerous. Do it because you simply want to.

7. Never contradict what your man says in public.

8. Never stalk the man that left you for the other woman.


Yay! I'm feeling fly!
NKYKATE'S BLOG has been norminated for the Sunshine and Shine on Award Roselyn K, she blogs at Kazini Daily. When I went online to google all about this award, I found out she tops on the google search rank...LOL not kidding. Thank you Roselyn for this.

This award is meant to help you know your fellow bloggers better and network with other bloggers, as well as reveal fun facts about you to help your readers know you better.

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Ten pieces of information about me

13 April 2014

Palm Sunday Love

Hello dear, happy Palm Sunday to you. How are you preparing for the Easther celebration?
So I stole this romantic love poem from Jim Coy. If you are a lover of poem you will love this LOVE poem below.

A box of chocolates is my mind
A piece of my will in the shape of your sweetest song
You are always on it
It is not offered.  It is already yours
You know that so blessed well – your knowing intoxicates me
You carry me on a breeze wherever you go
And as you go, my thoughts hover gently above… slightly behind
Angel Guardian am I… earthed and fleshy, just as thee
A bouquet of devotion does my lover display
Life is foolish, vain and proud…
Life is Honey Sweet
Life is utter bliss

11 April 2014

Keeping Up With Social Media Troubles

My friend and partner in blogging Roselyn posted PRESSURES OF MY SOCIAL MEDIA LIFE few days ago on her website, it is such an entertaining write up about how we deal with our numerous social media accounts and the ever changing trend in the social media with the emergence of twitter, instagram, Whatsapp, BBC-BlackBerry Chat, etc... Go to her page and read more so you can relate with this post... Please don't forget to tell her you saw it here.LOL

In Nigeria, we have the likes of Naijapals, it's more like Facebook... If you like Facebook, you will definately love Naijapals!

That said, now to the main post...keeping up with social media wahala troubles.

I got this piece of joke from a friend on Whatsapp as I'm typing, and felt I should share it with you.

01 April 2014

Letter To And From My Past

It happened one stormy morning of mid-February when I preferred to just stay at home. With this kind of weather, it is usually hard for me to leave my bed, enjoying the warmth beneath the blanket. So I just stayed in my bed, staring at the window and watching for the pouring rain... I love watching the rain. I didn't have anyone to talk to, but I couldn't help reminiscing my past. So I started to write all my resentments in a form of a letter...

Dear Past,
I am writing you because I don't have anybody to listen to me. I can't help it anymore so I decided to confront you because I thought it was the right thing for me to do, since this is all between me and you.There are a lot of memories of you that are really worth remembering. I learned a lot from you during my happiest and saddest moments, during my richest and poorest days and my best and worst times. And I want to thank you for that.When you were still my "present", of course I enjoyed every second, every minute, and every hour spent with you, stitching bad things and good things together, enjoying the freedom I had. What bothers me the most nowadays is that I feel that you did not totally let go of me. It is because you still seem to be controlling parts of my being. I am still disturbed by what I had already left behind when I made the changes in my life to be a better person.It seems that until now, you are still holding some pieces of me.