14 October 2014

Sweet Memory Of A Loving Father!

With tears in my eyes and the memory still fresh in my heart...I write this.

It has been two years since my Father passed on. I never thought I could live a day without him. I have realized that Death is a brief separation and a temporary pain. I always say to myself how lucky I was to have a father like him for almost 22 years in my life. I remember how he was taking care of his family (other people inclusive), always kind, and he had a simple nature of always being happy because of his jolly personality... Jolly-boy as he was fondly called by his friends.

Father, even though you've lost in this material world, your memories will always remain in our hearts forever. You're now in the hands of God with peace. I know father, that someday we will see each other but the saddest part is until now, the pain you created sinks in me because I love you so much. Goodbye "father" but keep in your mind that my goodbyes are not forever; goodbyes are not the end - they simply mean I'll miss you... until we meet again!!! God Bless.
Your Daughter, NK.

I hope you will realize the importance of a father in your life, so give all your love and respect until it is not too late. A father's love lasts a lifetime.

12 October 2014

Relationship: How Mine Keeps Flourishing

Una Doh o!
I recently travelled to Warri, and that is their greeting pattern. In fact, almost everything they say is "Doh". For instance, situations that warrant you to say 'Sorry', they will say Doh, 'well done' is doh, 'thank you' is doh. I think I like how it sounds... And I kinda have internalised it. Another word I learnt there is 'meegwuor'. Seems like it's their greeting pattern because whenever two persons meet that's the first thing they say. What I don't know is the response...care to help?

Ok, enough! My apologies for the boring epistle.

Now, to the main gist!
Whenever I see couples fighting or having an argument, The first thing that comes in my mind is: I will never allow arguments to set in my relationship (especially when I get married), or will never think to start one, but arguments seem to come naturally.

We argue about who called each other last, or who used a wrong tense in a sentence during discussions, etc. Sometimes, more than that, but regardless of our reasons for the argument (or fight), patching up a troubled relationship and having a solution is very important.

02 October 2014

Stand Up Nigerians @ 54th Independence Anniversary!

Hello friends! Nigeria our country is 54! Happy Independence to all of us.
I know this post would have been more suitable yesterday being October 1, but it is better late than never... By my guess, celebration will still be on in Aso-Villa, and felicitation from all over the world will still be pouring in...to the President of course.
So,here is my piece. Please after reading, say a prayer for our country Nigeria.

Stand up warrior, don't give up,
Despite your bruises and wounds you must continue to fight on.
Just keep your feet on the ground and stand alone,
GOD watching over you, His love unfolds.

Shield yourself with UNITY, FAITH, HOPE & LOVE;
Even if you fall many times, don't give up.
With your determination to move forward,
You may soon realize trials are a blessing in disguise.

To be a warrior is not an easy task.
In the face of combat the best guides are UNITY, FAITH, HOPE & LOVE.

Stand up warrior, don't give up!
Expect more trials to come, arise!
Don't lose your attention, be on the right track.
Don't let yourself depart from the path you're taking,

No holding back.
Stand up warrior, don't give up!