03 December 2014

The Big Day Ahead - Exam Day!

Omg! I've never felt this way in my entire history of writing examinations. What engulfed me in form of fear is what I cannot explicitly explain.

It was the end of semester Examimations on Statistics. The night before, I had prepared to the best of my ability for the exam. As the time for the exam approaches, come and see me... I was literally shaking, my stomach started to upset me, my feet became cold, palms sweating profusely...Omg!

I employed all forms of Self-talk Therapy on myself, yet it seemed as though things were getting worse. I needed to talk to my best friend who offered to drive me to the exam venue... Sincerely, I felt calmness return to my system.

I went for the exams; luckily, one thing led to the other; the lecturer came one hour behind schedule. This offered me ample time to calm down my nerves... I chit-chatted with few of my classmates then made a few revisions here and there.

At this point, I really felt good about my system, I even became calmly eager to quickly write the exam and go.
Immediately one hour after my arrival to the exam hall, the lecturer arrived with the exam materials, and quickly the exam was administered on us. Many of the questions were so cheap that I became more relaxed about the whole thing.

In less than two hours the exam was over! Praise be to God who had made all things possible for me!

Oh, and my best friend was still around to take me home after the exam... This was a surprise as I never expected him to still be there. God bless his kind heart!

My advice:

Whenever you feel tensed about any situation or you're in a fix about anything; make sure you talk to someone who listens and really understands you...like I did. Or better still, talk to a counsellor!

It’s the night before an important event: a big exam, a major presentation, your wedding. How do you calm your nerves in preparation for the big day? Let's share

Thanks for reading my post!

19 November 2014

World Toilet Day 2014! Have You Heard That Before?

Well, now you've heard. Today, November 19th, is the second annual World Toilet Day, it is recognized by the United Nations and the founding day of the World Toilet Organization was in 2001. Though it may sound like a comical issue, but it brings to light a serious global problem and a luxury many of us take for granted.

It is estimated that about 35% of the world, or 2.5 billion people, do not have access to toilets according to the World Toilet Organization 2013 Annual Report. According to the United Nations 14%, or 1 billion people, regularly defecate in the open air (no latrine, no privacy).

Where are those not using toilets living? Takepart published an infographic on this issue in April 2014 that describes the 16 countries where the most people lack proper sanitation, including but not limited to those who defecate in the open air:
India, 818 million people or 65% of the population.
China, 607 million people or 44% of the population.
Indonesia, 109 million people or 43% of the population.
Nigeria, 103 million people or 57% of the population.
Pakistan, 98 million people or 52% of the population.
Bangladesh, 75 million people or 48% of the population.
Ethiopia, 71 million people or 80% of the population.
Congo, 50 million people or 72% of the population.
Brazil, 39 million people or 19% of the population.
Tanzania, 32 million people or 68% of the population.
Kenya, 27 million people or 64% of the population.
Sudan, 27 million people or 73% of the population.
Philippines, 22 million people or 22% of the population.
Vietnam, 22 million people, or 24% of the population.
Ghana, 20 million people or 74% of the population.
Nepal, 20 million people or 71% of the population.

Did you know?
More people in the world have a mobile phone than a toilet. Of the world’s seven billion people, six billion have mobile phones. However, only 4.5 billion have access to toilets or latrines – meaning that 2.5 billion people, mostly in rural areas, do not have proper sanitation.

Quick Facts
World Toilet Day aims to promote public awareness of the need for adequate toilets to improve people’s health and save lives.

How about: protection of your personal health and increased personal safety.

Happy Anniversary To Nkykate's Blog, Plus Giveaway!

I owe it to you my readers, we made it through together...
This blog was started with no intentions at the initial start, but there was this burning flare in me to always put things out to the public; even though I had multiple thoughts about it, I still went ahead. This blog was launched exactly Tuesday, November 19, 2013 during the prolonged ASUU strike.

As at then, I've thought of what useful thing I could do with my time... I tried baking, that was when I stumbled upon Nky's site (get the link to her site on the Christmas Is Around The   Corner  post) I then got my self an oven there in school, and started trying my hands on different types of pastries... I still remember that awesome feeling I had when I baked my first cake. LOL

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My appreciation goes to God Almighty for His endless Grace and Favour. Then to;
Uche who was the first to comment on my blog, she kept on visiting and commenting; I secretly learnt from her that I could get more readers by visiting other blogs and leaving my URL there; but I haven't heard from her for a while now and she hasn't posted on her blog (pls if you know how I can reach her please contact me).
Frances (the latest barrister in town), she inspires me a lot with the articles on her blog.
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I will not also forget every other person on my google+ circle, thank you, those who read, and those who comment on my blog posts, I appreciate you all!

Thank you to my friends from school who drop by once in a while to take a peep, I appreciate you all!
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It may be little in my eyes, but from my heart it is surely large!

15 November 2014

Best Of Nkykate's Blog - One Year Blog Anniversary Countdown 19 November

Hi friends!

I'm super excited, and grateful to God for this blog... It's been God's Grace so far!
When I look at my blog archive, I can not help but grin from ear to ear at most of the articles...
Below are links to the posts I call the "Best Of". LOL

Enjoy, and do some catching up with my blog posts!

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11. Relationship: How Mine Keeps Flourishing

Enjoy the weekend!

05 November 2014

How To Wear A Faux Bob Hair Style With Your Natural Hair

Ladies get in here…!

First of' Let me wish you a Happy unique month of November 2014, may you achieve all your dreams and aspirations... Amen!
In another news, this blog will be one year in two weeks time! (Wednesday, 19 November).

Now, to the main post!

You all know the ‘iconic’ hair style of Michelle Obama?
In this post, I will be sharing how you can style your Natural Hair into Michelle Obama’s hair without having to cut or trim your hair (like she does) especially if you have a long hair like me. You don’t have to visit the salon or seek the assistance of a professional hair stylist with these easy steps. So, make sure you bookmark this post for future referencing. *wink*

Ready? Let’s go!

What You Need
* Your styling comb (necessary)
* One small rubber-band (important).
* Two small-sized hair clips (important)
* A styling Spray Gel (optional)

Styling Procedure:
1. Comb your hair all back. You can style the front if you wish to.
2. Tie the tip of your hair with the rubber-band to the length of your choice.
3. Then, roll the hair inwards a little bit above your neck as though you are using Rollers.
4. Now, with the hair rolled inwards, clip the hair to your scalp with the hair clips – one on each side (left and right side).
5. Spray the styling gel randomly on the hair to maintain styling for a longer period.
6. That’s it! You’ve got your Faux Bob hair style done! Go all out and flaunt what you’ve got!

Yea..! That's me.

NB: I don’t use styling gel, and the style lasts the whole day. Use what works for you!

Source:  My Wordpress Blog! You can check it out at your own convenience.

Don't forget to let me know how you nailed it...LOL!

14 October 2014

Sweet Memory Of A Loving Father!

With tears in my eyes and the memory still fresh in my heart...I write this.

It has been two years since my Father passed on. I never thought I could live a day without him. I have realized that Death is a brief separation and a temporary pain. I always say to myself how lucky I was to have a father like him for almost 22 years in my life. I remember how he was taking care of his family (other people inclusive), always kind, and he had a simple nature of always being happy because of his jolly personality... Jolly-boy as he was fondly called by his friends.

Father, even though you've lost in this material world, your memories will always remain in our hearts forever. You're now in the hands of God with peace. I know father, that someday we will see each other but the saddest part is until now, the pain you created sinks in me because I love you so much. Goodbye "father" but keep in your mind that my goodbyes are not forever; goodbyes are not the end - they simply mean I'll miss you... until we meet again!!! God Bless.
Your Daughter, NK.

I hope you will realize the importance of a father in your life, so give all your love and respect until it is not too late. A father's love lasts a lifetime.

12 October 2014

Relationship: How Mine Keeps Flourishing

Una Doh o!
I recently travelled to Warri, and that is their greeting pattern. In fact, almost everything they say is "Doh". For instance, situations that warrant you to say 'Sorry', they will say Doh, 'well done' is doh, 'thank you' is doh. I think I like how it sounds... And I kinda have internalised it. Another word I learnt there is 'meegwuor'. Seems like it's their greeting pattern because whenever two persons meet that's the first thing they say. What I don't know is the response...care to help?

Ok, enough! My apologies for the boring epistle.

Now, to the main gist!
Whenever I see couples fighting or having an argument, The first thing that comes in my mind is: I will never allow arguments to set in my relationship (especially when I get married), or will never think to start one, but arguments seem to come naturally.

We argue about who called each other last, or who used a wrong tense in a sentence during discussions, etc. Sometimes, more than that, but regardless of our reasons for the argument (or fight), patching up a troubled relationship and having a solution is very important.

02 October 2014

Stand Up Nigerians @ 54th Independence Anniversary!

Hello friends! Nigeria our country is 54! Happy Independence to all of us.
I know this post would have been more suitable yesterday being October 1, but it is better late than never... By my guess, celebration will still be on in Aso-Villa, and felicitation from all over the world will still be pouring in...to the President of course.
So,here is my piece. Please after reading, say a prayer for our country Nigeria.

Stand up warrior, don't give up,
Despite your bruises and wounds you must continue to fight on.
Just keep your feet on the ground and stand alone,
GOD watching over you, His love unfolds.

Shield yourself with UNITY, FAITH, HOPE & LOVE;
Even if you fall many times, don't give up.
With your determination to move forward,
You may soon realize trials are a blessing in disguise.

To be a warrior is not an easy task.
In the face of combat the best guides are UNITY, FAITH, HOPE & LOVE.

Stand up warrior, don't give up!
Expect more trials to come, arise!
Don't lose your attention, be on the right track.
Don't let yourself depart from the path you're taking,

No holding back.
Stand up warrior, don't give up!


29 September 2014

OMG! Smelly Vagina! Help!

I probably don't know whether this was a spam mail or not. It's been lying on my inbox for 3 months now, but I just stumbled upon it today and thought I should share it.
Whatever source it came from, I just hope the reply is not too late, and I hope you get the reply I sent.
Well, if it's from a human then I'm glad to be of help. (haven't gotten mails like this before).

Please, dear reader, after reading if there are any suggestions you have to help please do not hesitate to drop it in the comment box below.

Read the mail below-->

Good morning, am a young man of 38 years engaged to be married November this year, I am facing some terrible issues in my relationship, i need advise from the ladies most especially. My fiancee's private part smells and it makes me uncomfortable whenever I want to have sex with her, I really love her because she posses good qualities of a house wife but the odour from her private part is making me feel sad about the whole thing, what do you advice she does to stop this odour, please I need advise. Thanks.

Please leave your advice/suggestions below, thanks.
I suggested this.

27 September 2014

Maltina Dance All Season 8 - Grand Finale!

It is happening live now at The Expo center, Eko Hotel and Suites, it's live now on air at AIT, Siverbird TV, and Africa Magic World.

The Utere, Unanka, Uzodinma and Odigie families qualified for the grand finale.

The fate of the families is however in the hands of Nigerians as they (and not the judges) as they are the ones that would eventually pick the winning family. You can do this by sending VOTE (leave a space), your preferred family name to 20822. Voting costs #10 and you can vote as many times as you can.

The family with the highest number of votes automatically becomes the country’s number one dance family. PS: voting ends 7:45pm

26 September 2014

I Missed You All! And I'm Back!

Hello friends! How's it been? I know I've been inactive in publishing new posts for a while now... My apologies.

I really have missed you guys, I must admit... I appreciate all of you who kept on sending me emails to check on me. Thank you! And those who kept reading and commenting on previous posts... Thank you. I will not also forget the new blog followers, Thank you. Barr. Frances Okoro thank you so much for your sincere love and thoughtfulness.

I must confess... People who go to university are incredible! We go to classes. We read and absorb and are comprehensively tested on heavy amounts of various materials. We sleep very little. We party too much. Someone is always sick. Someone is always complaining. We become attached to close friends. We smother each other. We lean too much. We think often of the past and want to go back. We know we cannot.

We all have separate lives, families, backgrounds and pasts. We live totally different from how we used to live. We are frustrated and sometimes want to give up... Peggy once told me that she felt like dropping out, oh I felt and thought same too, but we never stop trying. We disregard health. We eat awful foods. We are forced to think about the future. We are scared and confused. We reach out for things, yet we don't find them. We try to sort out our minds, which are filled with studies, worries, problems, memories, emotions -- powerful feelings. We wander the halls looking for happiness. We hurt...a lot.

We keep going, though, because above all else, we never stop learning, growing, changing, and most importantly dreaming. Dreams keep us going and they always will. All we can do is be thankful that we have something to hold onto, like dreams and each other.

This is for all who passed through university, and those still in it!
We rock!

16 July 2014

Excuse Me Laugh

Hi people, how's it? Y'all know that life is not all about being serious. You've got to take a timeout to chill, and most of the time laugh off your stress.

So, I decided to share some funny photos I got from the internet with you. Hope you find them funny... Enjoy!

now he can go back to school and stop singing oweeeyaaah 

yes...can be very annoying 

15 July 2014

Fight In Church!

What could possibly make some one explode with anger in the house of God? This question has kept running ‘off’ and ‘on’ my mind.

I was at a church service, and serious and heavy prayers were going on such that everyone was shouting at the top of their voices in attempt to bind and resist the devil and its devices. I happened to sit at the back as part of the Editorial Team in the church… There was a distracting scene, an usher and a member! What!

I only saw the member pushed the usher on the chest, the usher retaliated by also pushing him back, immediately they began exchanging punches. Oh, and these are married men. I asked myself… “In the House of God?” “the devil is really confused and is on rampage”. But then why would two grown men allow themselves to be ‘used’? Could it be anger problem or ego? All these and many questions raced through my mind in few seconds my eyes witnessed the fight. Of course I continued with my prayers, this time not allowing any form of distraction.

Thanks to some other men who rushed and put the situation under control, it didn’t escalate or draw much attention. But I know, the few who saw what seem to be like a commotion around there would be somewhat confused. Thank God they (fighters) did not start lifting chairs.

Now, I don’t seem to remember the member’s face again, and whenever I see the usher, I can’t help but to wonder… What was really the cause of their fight in the church during service?Have you witnessed similar scene, can we share? SOURCE

01 July 2014

Happy New Month of July! My Birth Month!

Yay! It’s a new Month! Am I only excited for the new month? Here’s wishing you my blog reader a happy new Month of July and a smooth sail through the year 2014.

I’m happy and thankful to God for seeing us through to this day despite all our shortcomings… His Grace still abounds!

Were you born in the month of July? Happy birth month to you… You know things I cherish so much about July born? I’ll tell you. The month of July includes the Cancer/Leo people. These people are very caring towards their loved ones, fun to be with, quiet except when tensed or excited.

They have great understanding of life and observe things closely, which others tend to overlook. They put in efforts to work, and are hardworking… Their sense of organization is commendable and their work ethics can be motivational for many.

They are susceptible to mood swings and can be explosive at times. LOL… This volatile nature may at times hamper their relationships.They’re good home makers, they value friendship and feel extremely bad when they lose a friend, they always brood about the past and old friends (this, I don’t like). The list goes on and on. Oh, they are also very secretive!

I’m a proud ‘cancerian’! Happy New Month

15 June 2014

Happy Fathers' Day To All Dads

Father's Day to me is just as special as Mother's Day. Without either one, we would not be here.

Each parent has something to give and sometimes one parent ends up playing both roles... My father played a very important role in my life and when I look back on my childhood, he was my total inspiration. Most of everything I know today, he has taught me or gave me the strength and encouragement while walking on those stepping stones in life.

He reminds me to never give up on my dreams because one day, they could be my own reality. He has taught me that laughter, kindness and love are more valuable than gold and that when you give you get back ten fold.

Happy Father's Day to those who are there to support and love their children. Happy Father's Day to all the mothers out there who have to play a father's role and to all the fathers who have to play a mother's role. Raising children has never been easy but it takes a special parent to make a difference in a child's life.

01 June 2014

June Here I come... Happy New Month Friends!

I am blessed everyday for the people genuinely connected to me - family, friends, and even those who have not entered it yet. Love to all!
Thanks Jim for always checking up on me, I missed you too France thanks.

You may not believe it, most of the richest people on earth have no money. Most of them have a nice family. Have you seen the face of a barefoot kid kicking a football with his friends? Or a poor kid walking 10 km to get to school and still smiling as if saying, "life is so beautiful"? I've seen that. Money is not everything in life. Count your blessings because you can't order a pair of eyes in a pharmacy nor buy a brother on eBay. Maybe you can buy a beautiful girl's body but not her love. When you stop chasing the money and realize what you have around you, then you will deserve money.

Happy New Month of June friends!

...and enjoy your Sunday, have a nice week ahead!

Much love.

21 May 2014

Installing Love in Human Computer

As I was busy trying to explain what 'limiting beliefs' were to a friend, my phone went dead. Hmmm... stranger things happened to me, I thought. SHE was the one who asked ME the question, so I know she didn't hang up.  As I tried to rationalize, I made myself a tea and went to the phone. It was still dead. Puzzled, I tried the next mode of communication. The computer!

I first had to check my incoming before I could send her an email. I waited. There were 9 emails. This message was contained within the first email. A message part of 'The Belief Buster Mini Course Program'. Coincidence? Nah! I believe things happen for a reason. So I emailed it to her.

This is what I read. I'll share it with you...

Tech Support: Yes, how can I help you?

Customer: Well, after much consideration, I've decided to install Love. Can you guide me through the process?

Tech Support: Yes. I can help you. Are you ready to proceed?

Customer: Well, I'm not very technical, but I think I'm ready. What do I do first?

Tech Support: The first step is to open your Heart. Have you located your Heart?

Customer: Yes, but there are several other programs running now. Is it okay to install Love while they are running?

Tech Support: What programs are running?

Customer: Let's see, I have Past Hurt, Low Self-Esteem, Grudge and Resentment running right now.

13 May 2014

Your Kids And Violent Video Games

Whatever happend to the days when kids go outside to play in the sand, or simply with their toys? Now its all video games, every where you look that is all we see!

These days video games are very popular/common for children and also adults. There is a lot of violence games out there,  the child/player uses the tactics for how to kill someone from the video game and brings it to real life. There have been a lot of incidents about shooting and killing and then what do they say why they killed someone? A lot of the answers will be because they saw it in a video game. But it’s not only about violence; it is also about what it does to your child's body, if he plays too long and never stops until he sleeps, it affects their eyes, and body will always feel very tired.

People have also died from playing video games, believe it or not people have played so long that they forget to eat, drink , go to the washroom, and they were too into the game that they didn't even want to go to sleep! Also it loses your interest of doing other things, going outside, spending time with your family, doing school stuff and also loses interest of learning new things.

Parents might think it’s good because they think they are playing educational games but how popular are educational games? Coming back to violence games, people also get confused in reality and fantasy.

11 May 2014

LOVE YOUR MOTHER, Don't Live To Regret It

When you came into the world, she held you in her arms. You thanked her by wailing like a banshee. When you were 1 year old, she fed you and bathed you. You thanked her by crying all night long. When you were 2 years old, she taught you to walk. You thanked her by running away when she called. When you were 3 years old, she made all your meals with love. You thanked her by tossing your plate on the floor. When you were 4 years old, she gave you some crayons. You thanked her by coloring the dining room table. When you were 5 years old, she dressed you for the holidays. You thanked her by plopping into the nearest pile of mud.

When you were 6 years old, she walked you to school. You thanked her by screaming, "I'M NOT GOING!" When you were 7 years old, she bought you a toy. You thanked her by throwing it through the next-door-neighbor's window. When you were 8 years old, she handed you an ice cream. You thanked her by dripping it all over your lap. When you were 9 years old, she paid for piano lessons. You thanked her by never even bothering to practice. When you were 10 years old, she drove you all day, from one birthday party after another. You thanked her by jumping out of the car and never looking back. When you were 11 years old, she took you and your friends to the movies. You thanked her by asking to sit in a different row. When you were 12 years old, she warned you not to watch certain TV shows. You thanked her by waiting until she left the house.

...Those Teenage Years

04 May 2014

#BRINGBACKOURGIRLS, Mercy Johnson Speaks Out

Sometimes, our realities remind us of the pain of others. My reality as a mother is that I get to see my daughter every day, while the reality of the mothers of the kidnapped 234 Chibok girls is that they don’t even know where their daughters are.

I looked at my daughter and tears came to my eyes that some mothers have the privileges of seeing their kids on a daily basis while the mothers of the kidnapped girls can only console themselves with memories
All well-meaning Nigerians must come together and help these mothers who have been in pain for more than two weeks and make the memory a reality — the reality of seeing their children again.

Let us not for once think that the evil-doers who turn the realities of these mothers to memories cannot do the same to us if they have the opportunities.
This is not a war against select group of people; it is a war against all well-meaning mothers in Nigeria as injustice to one is injustice to all. Let the mothers rise, the men who love them should stand by their right hand and the children who adore them on their left and do all we can in our spheres of influence to ensure that the children come back home safe so that the mothers can smile again.


By Chimamanda Adichie

Some of my relatives lived for decades in the North, in Kano and Bornu. They spoke fluent Hausa. (One relative taught me, at the age of eight, to count in Hausa.) They made planned visits to Anambra only a few times a year, at Christmas and to attend weddings and funerals. But sometimes, in the wake of violence, they made unplanned visits. I remember the word ‘Maitatsine’ – to my young ears, it had a striking lyricism – and I remember the influx of relatives who had packed a few bags and fled the killings. What struck me about those hasty returns to the East was that my relatives always went back to the North. Until two years ago when my uncle packed up his life of thirty years in Maiduguri and moved to Awka. He was not going back. This time, he felt, was different.

My uncle’s return illustrates a feeling shared by many Nigerians about Boko Haram: a lack of hope, a lack of confidence in our leadership. We are experiencing what is, apart from the Biafran war, the most violent period in our nation’s existence. Like many Nigerians, I am distressed about the students murdered in their school, about the people whose bodies were spattered in Nyanya, about the girls abducted in Chibok. I am furious that politicians are politicizing what should be a collective Nigerian mourning, a shared Nigerian sadness.

And I find our president’s actions and non-actions unbelievably surreal.

I do not want a president who, weeks after girls are abducted from a school and days after brave Nigerians have taken to the streets to protest the abductions, merely announces a fact-finding committee to find the girls.

02 May 2014


It's been weeks now, and all we keep hearing is one bad news to another. No positive news on the whereabouts of these girls. You may not be closely related to them, but they could have been any of your relatives or even you and me.

On 15 April 2014, a group of militants attacked the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State, Nigeria. They broke into the school, shooting the guards. A large number of students were taken away in trucks. Houses in Chibok were also burnt down in the incident. The school had been closed for four weeks prior to the attack due to the deteriorating security situation, but the students had been recalled to take a final exam in physics.

Initial reports said 85 students were kidnapped in the attack. Over the 19–20 April weekend, the military released a statement that said more than 100 of 129 kidnapped girls had been freed. However, the statement was retracted, and on 21 April, parents said 234 girls were missing. A number of the students escaped the kidnappers in two groups; estimates for the number of escapees ranged from 30 to 50.

I can't begin to imagine what those girls are going through wherever they are. PLEASE BOKO HARAM free those girls, they were not aware when you decided to terrify the nation for your selfish reasons...they are innocent.

We all are pleading with you since our security agents and people in authority are always "on top of the situation" yet things are going from bad to worse.

Do you have a heart? Please lend your voice in any little way you can. These girls are people's daughters, and sisters. Their families are in anguish.
Let us keep talking until things are gotten right.


Here is wishing everybody a happy new month of May 2014. I hope you had a rewarding and fulfilling month of April?
April has been quite busy for me...I loved it. I've also been drawing inspiration from Frances writings, she may not be aware of what God is doing through her. I continue thanking God for her.

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my posts so far. If you are new here, thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to leave a comment after reading.


Last month I planted a seed, This month I start watching it grow...
This month I start with Thanks, I start with true Happiness by letting go of last month with its baggages.

This month I start by appreciating everything I have. I start by giving my full effort in everything I do.  This month I start by Accepting challenges as a lesson to be learned.  I start with understanding  there is a purpose in my life to fulfill.

This month and beyond I start by Focusing on what God wants me to do, not what I want. I start to Live my life one day at a time.

This May, I start to plant more seeds. I start with Truth, with more Love, more Wisdom. This month, I start with more Compassion, I start with more Understanding.

This month and beyond, I start in the passenger's seat with GOD in the driver's seat.

Have a Happy and Fulfilling New and unique month of May 2014!

15 April 2014


1. Do not wear a vest or sleeve-less top without shaving your armpits or without a bra underneath... No man, not even your husband, will like to see you that way.

.2. Do not leave cheap nail polish to wear off on its own, there's a reason they sell nail polish remover...

3. If you can’t afford good quality weaves, don’t bother. Just pack your hair neatly.

4. Do not do artificial nails that make you look like a dragon queen, being simple is always sexy. Just try it once and you will love doing it always. Have you heard men talk about a lady being natural before? It's because they like natural women.

5. See-through leggings or a top used as a dress when you are out in public is a hell-to-the-no!

6. Never do things for a man with a hope of getting something in return, expectations are dangerous. Do it because you simply want to.

7. Never contradict what your man says in public.

8. Never stalk the man that left you for the other woman.


Yay! I'm feeling fly!
NKYKATE'S BLOG has been norminated for the Sunshine and Shine on Award Roselyn K, she blogs at Kazini Daily. When I went online to google all about this award, I found out she tops on the google search rank...LOL not kidding. Thank you Roselyn for this.

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Ten pieces of information about me

13 April 2014

Palm Sunday Love

Hello dear, happy Palm Sunday to you. How are you preparing for the Easther celebration?
So I stole this romantic love poem from Jim Coy. If you are a lover of poem you will love this LOVE poem below.

A box of chocolates is my mind
A piece of my will in the shape of your sweetest song
You are always on it
It is not offered.  It is already yours
You know that so blessed well – your knowing intoxicates me
You carry me on a breeze wherever you go
And as you go, my thoughts hover gently above… slightly behind
Angel Guardian am I… earthed and fleshy, just as thee
A bouquet of devotion does my lover display
Life is foolish, vain and proud…
Life is Honey Sweet
Life is utter bliss

11 April 2014

Keeping Up With Social Media Troubles

My friend and partner in blogging Roselyn posted PRESSURES OF MY SOCIAL MEDIA LIFE few days ago on her website, it is such an entertaining write up about how we deal with our numerous social media accounts and the ever changing trend in the social media with the emergence of twitter, instagram, Whatsapp, BBC-BlackBerry Chat, etc... Go to her page and read more so you can relate with this post... Please don't forget to tell her you saw it here.LOL

In Nigeria, we have the likes of Naijapals, it's more like Facebook... If you like Facebook, you will definately love Naijapals!

That said, now to the main post...keeping up with social media wahala troubles.

I got this piece of joke from a friend on Whatsapp as I'm typing, and felt I should share it with you.

01 April 2014

Letter To And From My Past

It happened one stormy morning of mid-February when I preferred to just stay at home. With this kind of weather, it is usually hard for me to leave my bed, enjoying the warmth beneath the blanket. So I just stayed in my bed, staring at the window and watching for the pouring rain... I love watching the rain. I didn't have anyone to talk to, but I couldn't help reminiscing my past. So I started to write all my resentments in a form of a letter...

Dear Past,
I am writing you because I don't have anybody to listen to me. I can't help it anymore so I decided to confront you because I thought it was the right thing for me to do, since this is all between me and you.There are a lot of memories of you that are really worth remembering. I learned a lot from you during my happiest and saddest moments, during my richest and poorest days and my best and worst times. And I want to thank you for that.When you were still my "present", of course I enjoyed every second, every minute, and every hour spent with you, stitching bad things and good things together, enjoying the freedom I had. What bothers me the most nowadays is that I feel that you did not totally let go of me. It is because you still seem to be controlling parts of my being. I am still disturbed by what I had already left behind when I made the changes in my life to be a better person.It seems that until now, you are still holding some pieces of me.

29 March 2014

Appreciating Positive Women In Your Life

One of God's greatest creations is that of a woman.
She is an awesome example of radiance, magnificence
And stunning beauty.
She is your mother, stepmother, grandmother, wife, sister, aunt or friend-
Always manifesting elegance and confidence that only she can convey.

The world would be an empty place of existence
Without the touch of a woman…
Who would mend your first broken heart?
Who would chase your fears away?
The world is a much better place
Because of a woman's true inner being…
One of courage, determination and that of pure grace.

21 March 2014

Recognizing Bad Friendships

Bad friendships can be hard to spot. We get used to these people acting the way they do, and they usually have at least one quality we find lovable or interesting. After a while, you have a history with your poisonous buddy! So check this brief list of some common types of poisonous friends. Do they sound like anybody you know?

The User:
Keep an eye out for friends who use things that you have. Friends who need your resources are more focused on their own needs than on building the relationship. A good friend will have things to offer you as well, and you won’t feel like the one always stuck with the tab. This poisonous friend never seems to have the cash on hand to pay her share of shared adventures, and she may also steal your makeup, your spare change, or even your boyfriend. None of these actions are likely to feel very wrong to her, since she’s already using you for your things–the red flag of bad friendships.

The Spotlight Lover:
Does your friend need to be the center of attention every single time you’re out together? Everyone likes attention, but in healthy friendships, friends take turns being in the spotlight. In bad friendships,  you can feel as if you’re a minor character in the story of her life. Your Spotlight Lover friend only wants to talk about herself; she won’t bother to ask how you’re doing, and she won’t worry if you seem sad or go missing. After all, it’s all about her. This kind of bad friendship is especially hard on your self image.

20 March 2014

Self Forgiveness And Self Appreciation

Conceptualizing is always the best way to determine each choice that you make. When you do this, you have to visualize the possible outcome or circumstances that might occur if you make that choice.

There are many different possible circumstances to each choice. The best choices are always made when you are being honest to yourself and to others. If you happen to make any other choice, it will surely not flow consistently and in a normal pattern, therefore the results will not be consistent and normal. The determination of these factors is something only you can control at the given moment, and each moment varies in complexity.

We have all made disastrous decisions in our lifetimes and I am sure that there may be some regrets that are attached to those decisions.

You shall not let these past decisions affect you anymore. The energy that is attached to your regrets will encompass any of your future choices and will assure the same type of results. Letting go of such regrets will allow you to move forward by giving yourself a level of self-forgiveness.

The act of self-forgiveness lets you grow forward and even if you affected others with this decisions that you have made, your individual growth and forgiveness will be a positive energy that everyone will notice while in your company.

One will say, "They have changed", and the circumstances of your new, positive, self-appreciating self will only get better in time.

19 March 2014

Untitled Post

I really do not know what to title this post as I'm just putting up random thoughts together...LOL. Any ideas?

Have you noticed that birds do sing? Trees do swing? Have you noticed that trees help you breathe?

Trees provide shade. Trees blossom. Trees shed leaves. Trees are rooted and connected to the vine. What is a tree without branches?

If we as humans are the most perfect creation, liken unto God… What is our purpose? What are we providing? Who are we protecting? Are we blossoming? Are we connected? Are we branching out?

The fullness of life cannot be found in material things, our purpose is not to love God and obtain money, cars, houses, fame, and all of the bling and things. Our purpose is to love God and love his people; protect our youth and provide for the elders and those without.

18 March 2014

RANTING & VENTING - It's Your Right!

Hello lovelies,
I know I've been MIA for some days now...I really have not done this before, just trying to play around and see how things work out.

Ok. It's been a lot of preparation and hopes for the long awaited semester exams after the ASUU strike. It was scheduled to start today 18 March, rumours started flying up, down, and center that the exams have been postponed till further notice... What! It had better not be true!

Confirmed! The exam has been postponed. Why? Till further notice.

08 March 2014

Got A Noisy Neighbour? How Do You Cope?

Problem neighbours who create a noise or nuisance can be a real pain in the neck for people who just want to be left in amiable peace to enjoy their property or garden and get along with everyone.

Some may view complaints about nuisance neighbours as trivial.
There's no doubt that a nuisance neighbour really can make life hell.   The stress of tolerating unwarranted noise or antisocial behaviour by individuals who either don't know they're creating a nuisance or simply don't care can affect your health and sanity, not to mention your property value. So what can you do if you're faced with nuisance neighbours?

So here are a few tips to get you through those not-so-tranquil moments in your apartment, and hopefully restore some peace to your home.

7 Ways to Attract The Right Guy

The best ways to attract the right guy starts off with being the best you! Each of us is unique to this world, and we have matches for this uniqueness. Therefore, there is no need to try to be someone you're not. One of the best ways to attract the right guy is to be the Real you.

05 March 2014


Nkykate's Blog has been norminated for the Leibster Awards by Uje of Uje Speaks.
Thank you Uje For the nomination, I'm most grateful and honoured.

This award is given to new and upcoming bloggers with less than 200 blog followers, it is  a great way to discover new blogs and get to know other bloggers, promoting and supporting upcoming blogs.

The rules are:
You must link the person's blog who nominated you for the award.
Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you.
Pick an additional 11 people to nominate with UNDER 200 blog followers.
You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.
You must inform the nominees that have been nominated.

Here are Uje's questions and my answers:
1. What's the purpose of your blog?
Though not really a high tech one, the purpose of my blog is to share my thoughts, feelings, and great internet finds with others and also for people I know to get to know the real me and for people I don't know to get to know me.

2. What is your most priced possession?
My internet...lol

3. What do you love about Uje's blog?
Hmmm...I love a lot of things about Uje's blog, but what I love most is the real life situations being blogged there, always narrative and discriptive that anyone can easily relate with.

4. Where do you see yourself in five years?
I wish I had a time machine to do that... Well, a wife, a mother, and a career woman.

5. Who's your role model in and out of blogville
Though I'm not on blogville (would need a little help on how to join...a link). I actually model Uje Alfred's style of blogging...yes! For real.

6. Describe yourself in one sentence
I am consistent, reliable, thorough and persevering; I can also be socially charming, I am good at managing others at home, in my social circles and at work, I am efficient too, I am somewhat traditional; I like people and I’m generally comfortable with them.

7. If you have the opportunity to meet just one person in the world, who would that be?
Kim Kardashian!(you may not like her, but a lot of people do)

8. What's the favourite post you've written (with the link)
All my POSTS are really favourite to me!

9. What's your ultimate goal in life?
To have my own happy family, and grow old with them.

10.Which human has the largest part of your heart right now?
My mother she's the reason I always strive to be a better me. And my mentor and best friend Prince K. who always sees me through the path of success.

11. How did you get your blog's name?
From my names Nkeiruka Catherine.


1. What inspired and motivated you to start blogging?

2. Do you blog for fun or money? What is your blog all about?

3. How supportive are your friends towards your blog?

4. Which comments on your post excites or gives you a sense of fulfillment {provide links to the post(s)} and by who?

5. How do you promote your blog, and have you promoted other people's blog in a way?

6. What is that thing you can't do without? Who is that person that inspires you? Tell us anything about you.

7. What are the things you like (if any) about Nkykate's blog and would like to be seeing often? Also criticize (if necessary) Nkykate's blog.

8. What is the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?

9. Have you ever slept in your place of worship during sermon? If so, why?

10.Have you ever mutilated a song's lyrics only to be later astounded that you've been singing the wrong words for.
years? If so, how did you mess up?

11.How did you feel when you knew you've been nominated for the Liebster Awards?

Pardon me if your followers have exceeded 200 already as not everybody has the Google Followers gadget on their blogs. So, these are my nominees...accept, and spread the love!
Diana Domain of Lost Disposition
Adetutu Zainab of Zeezee Zone
ROSELYN K of Kazini Daily
Chiamaka Abasilim of Oh My Work
Maggie Pegg of Maggie Wumi Pegg
Jessica Sabastien of Proudly Petite
Shamiya of Miya Loves
Sort of Super Mum of Sort Of Super Mum

Pheew! I'm kinda exhausted...will add more nominees soon.

01 March 2014

So Glad We Made It!

Yeay! It's another month already!

With great pleasure and delight, I proudly welcome you to this month of March.
How days fly, right? Yes! If a day passes by quickly, it was well wnjoyed.

How was the last month? The much talked about 'Val'... Some were fulfilled in the various ways they celebrated it while others felt they didn't have or get enough.

Well, love doesn't end in just that day (Val). You still have a chance to show  love to someone today.

This  day; I will make a difference in anyone's life I cross; only today, and daily, and  that's my mission!
To know in my heart I've touched someone's life is the most rewarding feeling I've ever known! They sometimes are not even aware that's my mission. I want to do things in secret knowing it is pleasing my Father God and Jesus. They are the only ones who will know, for they see my heart.

I sometimes try and carry too much weight for the size I am, but when I set my eyes on making a difference in someone's life, (no matter how small), that's when I find true happiness and fulfilment.

Choose today to look for opportunities to exercise your unique God-endowed,God-ordained gifts and calling. Define and refine your gifts, talents, and strengths.

Never underestimate the power of the gifts that are within you. Gifts and talents are given us to use not only so we can fulfill to the fullest the call in our own lives, but also so we can reach the souls who are attached to those gifts. There are people who's lives are waiting to be affected by what God has placed within you. So evaluate yourself.

I wsh you a happy New Month!

21 February 2014

TGIF - Thank God It's Friday!

Hi, TGIF...

How has your week been? I hope the days after Valentine treated you fine?
Well, I had a busy week, school activities from Monday to Thursday (you know how it is). The fun part of my week was my department's 'Old School Day' and Cultural Day...there's a beach party today at Eket.

No matter how life has treated you; you can do nothing about the past, but you can do something about your future....starting from now.
Stand up, be bold, be strong. Take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders, and know that you are the creator of your own destiny. All the strength and succor you want is within yourself. Therefore, make your own future. There is no help for you outside of yourself; you are the creator of the universe. Like the silkworm you have built a cocoon around yourself... Burst your own cocoon and come out as the beautiful butterfly, as the free soul. Then alone you will see the truth.

New day, new beginnings. Lets all be positive, focused and strive towards our goals and do whatever (legit) it takes to archive them or get closer to them. Ensure that you make something count for this day to get to your destiny, even if its only efforts today but ultimately the results will prevail.

We are human. We are not perfect. We are alive. We try things. We make mistakes. We stumble. We fall. We get hurt. BUT...We rise again. We try again. We keep learning. We keep growing. And... We are thankful for this priceless opportunity called life. And I personally "Thank God I'm Fabulous!"

18 February 2014

Dealing With Depression

The dictionary describes depression as a condition of general emotional dejection and withdrawal, sadness greater and more prolonged than that warranted by any objective reason.

Life is full of twists and turns, some pleasant, others not so pleasant or at times dreadful. No one is devoid of problems in their lives. Everyone has their own personal set of problems.

Even the people who have a smile constantly on their face have problems. The only difference is they know how to tackle the problems of their life and smile about the fact that they can overcome those problems.

Getting into depression is a normal phenomenon, but letting it over take us completely is not the best thing. There are no specific rules or a concepts to deal with it, whatever way one feels is the best way, one should adopt to tackle it...not suicide o!

10 February 2014

Homemade Coconut Oil: Easy Steps

Coconut oil has been proven by many (including my grandmothers) to be useful in different ways. Coconut oil is widely used by many, it can be used both internally and externally. Coconut oil helps moisturize your baby's tender skin, and prevents diaper rash. It can also be used on pets like dogs, yes! It helps fight lice plus other skin issues, and leaves your dog smelling nice. It fights cough and cold when taken internally.

Because of its crave by many, makes it cost quite a bit. I prefer the homemade Coconut oil because it is natural and doesn't have to pass through chemical filtration and distillation.lol

Here's how I make mine

07 February 2014

Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Cucumbers

Cucumbers are number four most cultivated vegetable in the world and known to be one of the best foods for your overall health, often referred to as a super food. Pick a handful of firm, dark green cucumbers and drop them into your shopping cart. Congratulations! You have just bought yourself stuff full of good health.

Cucumber rehydrates body
If you are too busy to drink enough water, eat the cool cucumber, which is 90 percent water. It will cheerfully compensate your water lost.

Cucumber figh ts heat inside and out

Eating cucumber will get your body relief from heartburn. Apply cucumber on your skin and you will get relief from sunburn.

Cucumber eliminates toxins
All that water in cucumber acts as a virtual broom, sweeping waste products out of your body. With regular eating, cucumber is known to dissolve kidney stones.

02 February 2014

Abiding in God's Presence!

Ok, I'm not an ordained preacher so not here to preach but, the bible says "we are all called by His name", isn't it? I was really blessed and elated during and after hearing the teaching of God's servant David Ibiyeomie today in service, the message was titled ABIDING IN GOD'S PRESENCE.

The teaching was centered on Fellowship. He explained fellowship as an association of people who share common beliefs and values... He went further to explain that, you cannot stand alone no matter how anointed you are. You need your brothers and sisters because there are some problems you alone cannot handle, you need the forces of others (in prayers) to overcome such problem.

He admonished members to belong to a House Fellowship as that is where members get to know and cater for each other.
God believes in the power of togetherness. Judges 18:7,10, 27 & 28
Jdg 18:7 So the five men departed and went to Laish. They saw the people who were there, how they dwelt safely, in the manner of the Sidonians, quiet and secure. There were no rulers in the land who might put them to shame for anything. They were far from the Sidonians, and they had no ties with anyone. 
Jdg 18:10 "When you go, you will come to a secure people and a large land. For God has given it into your hands, a place where there is no lack of anything that is on the earth." 
Jdg 18:27 So they took the things Micah had made, and the priest who had belonged to him, and went to Laish, to a people who were q uiet and secure; and they struck them with the edge of the sword and burned the city with fire.

Jdg 18:28 There was no deliverer, because it was far from Sidon, and they had no ties with anyone. It was in the valley that belongs to Beth Rehob. So they rebuilt the city and dwelt there." 
These people believed they were secured...

2nd Samuel 6:10-12 explains the benefits of establishing a Home Cell fellowship in your house and belonging to one.
2Sa 6:10 So David would not move the ark of the Lord with him into the City of David; but David took it aside into the house of Obed-Edom the Gittite.

2Sa 6:11 The ark of the LORD remained in the house of Obed-Edom the Gittite three months. And the LORD blessed Obed-Edom and all his household.

2Sa 6:12 And it was told King David, saying, "The LORD has blessed the house of Obed-Edom and all that belongs to him, because of the ark of God." So David went and brought up the ark of God from the house of Obed-Edom to the City of David with gladness.

It then means that we need people around us at some points in our lives for no one is an island.
Fellowshipping in the house of God makes us flourish in every area of life... Psalm 92:13

Let us not be too busy to fellowship with our brothers and sisters...it's a minimum of one hour a week and you are back to your businesses. Do not be Judas' elder brother (lol) who was in the folk but betrayed Jesus Christ... I'm trying to say that Sunday service is not enough, the church is all about worshipping God and associating with people. Do not say you don't need people around you; my dear, the truth is YOU DO. Listen to Pastor David Ibiyeomie's teachings on Salvation Radioand also watchhim teach live. Get inspired! God bless you.

Office Gossip, Shop Gossip, Telephone Gossip!

Gossip, Gossip, Gossip, everywhere...
I'm quite sure you have been a subject of gossip... I have, even celebrities. You know how hurtful it is, right?

01 February 2014

Unique February 1, 2014!!!

Welcome to today/Feb. one!

If you choose, you will find that today is an amazing day.It is filled with countless blessings and opportunities.You'll find plenty of reasons to smile and even more to laugh. You will be given the chance to say "I love you", "I'm sorry", "Thank you", and anything else you want.

28 January 2014

Busy Busy Busy

Today, I sat on my bed 12:48AM. Checked my phones, there were 2 new messages in one of them...one from my sweetheart, and the other from a friend which wasn't really cool to have been read at that time...twas the death of his dad (sighs).

24 January 2014

Choosing Friends

How do you choose your friends, your pals, or even your partner? What criteria do you consider when selecting those who would befriend you? Do they show regard and esteem for you? Do they show a concern for others? Do they show respect for life?

Each time we choose a friend, pal, or associate, we choose a part of our destiny. Bad

12 January 2014

Dealing With Loneliness

There was a time in my life, a long time ago, when I felt very lonely in the world. Do you know what it is like to feel you will never be loved for who you are? To never feel truly understood? To feel that when people see you, they are not seeing the real you - and they don't even try to see the real you. It is like the real you is invisible to everyone but yourself - and everyone thinks you are somebody you are really not. To be next to a person and feel so far away. That kind of loneliness is even more lonely than being just by yourself.

Nobody came. Nobody came to save me. Nobody came to understand. The only person in the world, it seemed, was me.

Strength Of A Man

The strength of a man isn't seen in the width of his shoulders. It is seen in the width of his arms that encircle you.

The strength of a man isn't in the deep tone of his voice.It is in the gentle words he whispers.

The strength of a man isn't how many buddies he has.It is how good a buddy he is with his kids.

The strength of a man isn't in how respected he is at work.It is in how respected he is at home.

The strength of a man isn't in how hard he hits.It is in how tender he touches.

The strength of a man isn't in the hair on his chest.It is in his Heart that lies within his chest.

The strength of a man isn't how many women he's loved.It is in can he be true to one woman.

The strength of a man isn't in the weight he can lift.It is in the burdens he can understand and overcome.

--- © Jacqueline M. Griffiths

11 January 2014


Smile they say is the shock absorber of life...

Do you ever wonder what people are feeling when they smile? Do they smile because they're happy or do they smile because they want people to believe they're happy? Maybe they smile because they want you to smile and be happy. Yes!

A smile can touch a person's life in ways you can never imagine. It's infectious and can cause a chain reaction. It can be memorable to someone you pass on the street or the mall or driving... and it only takes a split second to smile and forget, yet... to someone that needed it, it can last a lifetime.

I urge you to smile more often, it reduces stress... I love to smile!

Peter & Paul Okoye (P-Square) To Wed Same Day

Peter and Paul Okoye are getting set to storm Dubai for a double wedding in three months’ time, April.Though the twin brothers are yet to pick a particular date in the month of April, they are quietly working on where, when and how.

If all things work out as planned the two brothers would walk down the aisle together with their heartthrobs (Lola & Anita) come April of 2014.

08 January 2014

Sleeping In Church

A church is a place of worship for the Christians, right?

Why do people sleep in church? I sometimes sleep in church when the preacher is dull in delivering his or her sermons. For some, sleeping during church service is habitual; they fall asleep once it's time for sermon and wake up when the sermon is over.

Some have attributed sleeping In the church to demonic attack... I quite agree cos I've been in church when sleep wanted to hold me bound but, I shouted in my mind "I COMMAND YOU SPIRIT OF SLEEP OUT OF MY BODY NOW IN JESUS NAME! And snap! I was freed....the power of prayers. What happens to one who did not get enough sleep the previous night? You can't cheat nature, you know?

Some eat heavy meals before going to church, and when the fan or Air Conditions blows them a little, they fall asleep.

Have you ever felt sleepy in church? Did you control it or you slept off? What do you think make people fall asleep in the church?
Let's discuss it.

You No Longer Need To Reach Your Bank To Deposit Cash

I hear you can now pay into any bank and the money will be credited into your account, just like you withdraw cash from any bank’s ATM.

The new deal has been made possible by BeyondBranches, owner of the payment platform QuickTeller, a value added service platform developed by Interswitch, the largest integrated payment processing service provider in Nigeria.

Now, BeyondBranches has developed the payment ecosystem further by enabling any customer to deposit cash into any bank account held at any bank in Nigeria at an agent. Using this approach, BeyondBranches has been able to bring the bank within easy reach of those who need to deposit cash quickly and securely.

  let's see how it goes

You Say.... God Says

It's impossible" - All things are possible (Luke 18:27)

I'm too tired" - I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28-30)

Nobody really loves me" - I love you (John 3:16)

I can't go on" - My grace is sufficient(II Cor. 12:19)

I can't figure things out" - I will direct your steps (Proverbs 20:24)

I can't do it" - You can do all things (Phil 4:13)

I'm not able" - I am able (II Cor. 9:8)

It's not worth it" - It will be worth it (Romans 8:28)

I can't forgive myself" - I forgive you (I John 1:9 & Romans 8:1)

I can't manage" - I will supply all your needs(Phil. 4:19)

I'm afraid" - I have not given you a spirit of fear (II Tim. 1:7)

I'm always worried and frustrated" - Cast all your cares on Me (I Peter 5:7)

I don't have enough faith" - I've given everyone a measure of faith(Romans 12:8)

I'm not smart enough" - I give you wisdom(I Cor. 1:30)

I feel all alone" - I will never leave you or forsake you(Hebrews 13:5)

06 January 2014

Who's Lying To You That Devorcees Can't Re-marry

I hear so much when people talk to me telephone or chat with me via my BB. Have you ever listened to any religious teaching thasays God has only one right person for you when it comes to marriage, and that if you miss that one person, you can never be happy with anybody else?What about another religious teaching that says God has only one right person for you when it comes to marriage, and that if you miss that one person, you can never be happy with anybody else?

What about another religious teaching that says that every man has a missing rib and that that special rib is o

04 January 2014

I'm Not Searching For A Husband!

During a recent interview with Vanguard, beautiful actress Bimbo Akintola said the worst rumour she's ever heard about herself is that she's desperate for a husband. Bimbo says she's not! Oh, that I’m looking for a husband, that I’m desperate for a husband. That’s the worst I’ve heard and that’s the latest one.

I’m not looking for a husband and I don’t need one.I don’t need anything. I’m a complete person. I only do things that make me happy, because I believe and I understand the reality that this is just one life and you should live it to the maximum, happiness and peace should be the key. I’m not searching for a husband, because the rumour that I’m searching for a husband has given me wahala,- all kinds of people from left, right and centre, looking for me saying they want to marry me.

Please, I’m using this opportunity to tell everybody, I am not looking for a husband!

Una don hear?

02 January 2014

The Countdown To 2014 Is Finally Over!

OK, It's now 2014, what now? Will we continue to fear all year or can we put the demons to rest? I find myself hoping that we all have a good laugh and look forward. I made a list of "things to think about". I think it will be fun just saying the date and writing it in my documents. It is hard enough to change the year each January!