25 December 2013

Birthday Bells! Birthday Bells!! Mirian is Plus 1yr Today!

It's your birthday and it's Christmas! What are we eating today, birthday cake or Santa's leftover cookies?!?!

Christmas is magical and for each person an exceptionally unique experience. That's why It's no surprise that someone as spectacular like you would be born during this spectacular day.


With a birthday on Christmas day, you're sure to get plenty of happy wishes, and that includes mine! Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!

Please join me in wishing Mimi a Happy Birthday, she's a Counselling Psychologist in training, and my friend.... she'll be reading. />

22 December 2013

Today's Accomplishments, Not Yesterday's Or Tomorrow's

The critical time for accomplishing anything is in the here and now. Every day is a day to dare to do my best. Each day provides opportunity for self-improvement/self-renewal. Today's accomplishments, not yesterday's or tomorrow's, produce the most satisfaction as what I accomplish today can give me an immediate feeling of self confidence and direction.

The critical time for accomplishing anything is in the here and now, today. The most important ingredient in future performance is present performance. The most difficult tasks are consummated, not by a single explosive burst of energy or effort, but by consistent daily application of the best I have within me.

Practice is an opportunity to improve my skills. Approach each practice with enthusiasm, as nothing great has ever been accomplished without it. Challenge myself mentally as well as physically and I will start to enjoy the price of success rather than pay for it.

Have a great week ahead!

Single? Enjoy!

You're going to have your heart broken, probably, more than once. Whether you were in love or lust - it doesn't really matter and don't waste your time trying to figure it out. The pain may last a bit longer if it was love, but the pain will die down either way. For you see, that person had to hurt you in order for the right one to heal the wound someday.


Tomorrow, is it a thing or a only a word Or can it be seen and heard. Tomorrow, is it what the future holds Or can it be gone forever Without being remembered or foretold. Tomorrow, is it nearly a cold concept they can't be conceived Or is it the goal we seek in life To hold and receive.

Tomorrow is what you make of it. No one can plan it or control it. It's the puzzle that you can not understand or solve For it's the thing that keeps all in "awe." It is only thing in this world that we can not predict or foretell, For all we know, it can be God's wishing well. So take Tomorrow as if it should be taken With honor, love, respect And best of all never forsaken. For it is the only thing in this world that we are slaves to. For know one can tell us what Tomorrow has in store For me or for YOU! ~ Christopher Gonzalez

21 December 2013

Best Sleeping Position During Menstruation

Woman wahala abi? Ok. I just woke up now thinking about the best position to lie on during menstruation, so I went online... Experts say: Sleep on your back or on
your stomach. but this doesn't work for me.

I sleep by curling up on my side and sometimes end up with dead arms.

I think you can actually sleep on any position most comfortable to you; provided you are well padded as there is no specific lying position for it.

Any suggestions on a better sleeping position during mensturation? Please leave your comments below.

18 December 2013

Day Care, A Necessary Evil Or A Necessity?

Many parents place their offspring in day care due to the need to work or educate themselves. They must go to a job or school and relatives might not be available to help. Without day care, a parent might have to stay at home, which could cause financial hardships for the family. Although it might not be the best alternative for young parents, for many, it is the only option. Finding quality child care with a friendly and nurturing staff is one of the main concerns and priorities of working parents with young children. Continue readindin to see how daycare givers sedate children according to a Nigerian Publication.
Many caregivers in Nigeria often administer sleeping drugs and other sedatives to children in their care. But experts warn that  sedating children can affect their vital organs and cause them permanent damage

Christmas Is Around The Corner!

Christmas is the time of year to reflect with thoughtful prayer, To cast aside of all bad thought and habits You expressed throughout the year. We can all join together to celebrate Jesus' birth, A renewal and beginning, right here on planet earth.

 Jesus left all of us a message while here on earth, to love, to care. His words were ever simple, plain and so very, very clear,
Be kind to one another throughout the coming year.

Christmas is the time of year to spend with young and old, The needy, greedy(lol) and the poor. A time to love, a time to share.
Let us all spread our love around with all our heart and soul, For the love of your neighbor should never turn so cold.

Now, that said; here's the big question: HOW ARE YOU PLANNING FOR CHRISTMAS? You will quite agree with me that Christmas comes with lots and lots of stress, from planning for gifts, decorating the house, to planning a recipe for family and guests. Read 5 TIPS FOR STRESS-FREE CHRISTMAS by my blogger friend Nky Lily Lete. I wish y'all (including me) a stress-free Christmas celebration!

17 December 2013

Have You Ever Felt The Urge To Pray For Someone?

Have you ever felt the urge to pray for someone and then just put it on a list and said, "I'll pray for them later?" Or has anyone ever called you and said, "I need you to pray for me, I have this need?"

Read the following story that was sent to me and may it change the way that you may think about prayer and also the way you pray. You will be blessed by this one. It is said that a missionary on furlough told this true story while visiting his home church in Michigan.

16 December 2013

ASSU Calls Off Its Strike

ASUU has finnally called off its 5months old strike today after its National Executive Council (NEC)meeting at the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State. We just hope that we won't be hearing more strike actions from ASUU anymore... They should put the monies to proper use, the students have sacrificed enough already!

Normal Relationship Behaviours You Think Are Odd

What's "normal" and what's not when it comes to dating, love and relationships? Though I'm not a relationship expert but, I've read books on love, relationship, and marriage, and also from my interactions with people both single and married in the course of my training as a Counselling Psychologist, so take a seat and see how you and your mate compare.

ASUU To Decide Today

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), are scheduled to attend a crucial National Executive Council (NEC) meeting today. The meeting is scheduled for the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State.

Last week,

14 December 2013

First Lady Patience Jonathan's New Name - 'PEACE'

In a bid to restoring peace back to Nigeria, the First Lady has announced that she be addressed as 'MAMA PEACE'. Probably she is no longer 'patient' and has decided to baptize herself to 'peace'.

She said, “My name is no more Patience but now Mama Peace because I believe that without peace, there will be no more women, no more children and no more health sector. Without peace, the international community will be afraid to come and invest in our country.

“Peace is from the heart and not from the tongue or lips; not what you say but what is in you. We pray for genuine peace because peace is the key to our arriving at our desired destination as a nation. “We are approaching the new year which is a year of peace, progress and so many good things to come. 2014 is going to be a year of no militancy and no Boko Haram because God will shower peace and make us take a U-turn from disaster.”

Don't I just love this lady? She could make a good president - my opinion.

13 December 2013

Scam Alert -

The artist who says she’s Andy Warhol’s cousin and claims Kanye West hired her to paint Kim Kardashian ... may be trying to have her own 15 minutes of fame …  because Kim says she has no clue who the woman is.

Living For Today

There are two days in every week about which we should not worry. Two days which should be kept free from fear and apprehension.

One of these days is yesterday, with its mistakes and cares, its faults and blunders, its aches and pains. Yesterday has passed forever beyond our control. All the money in the world cannot bring back yesterday. We cannot undo a

12 December 2013

Kim Kardashian Replies Her Critics 'I Give 10% Of My Earnings To Charities'

In case you didn't know, Kim Kardashian has her own eBay store where she sells personal items to fans or anyone else who wants to buy her designer wares.
She was compelled to write this to those who criticised her

What Is Wrong With These Photos?

These Photos were taken at the Late Nelson Mandela's Memorial Service in South Africa.


This picture about a man who transformed from black skin to white skin has been flying on the Internet.

The first thing which came to my mind was 'inferiority complex', strong desire to gain approval, and being accepted. Another thought was it could be a 'photo trick'. People are getting creative by the day with the help of technology.

Whatever is the aim behind this picture, please beautiful people, never feel inferior; always think that you are the best and you can do whatever you want because life is full of those who will make you feel inferior.

No one can defeat us until we accept it from our own mind!

Will ASUU Call Off Its Strike Soon?

I just saw this exciting headline on a National newspaper "ASUU calls off its 5 months old strike" and I was like oh let me check out the details; and it goes... (an excerpt though)

A silver lining yesterday emerged in the five-month-old face-off between the Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) as the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) intervened with both parties signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The lecturers went on strike on July 2 this year over conditions in the universities, among other issues.

However, ASUU failed to announce the suspension of the strike. Its president, Dr. Nasir Fagge, said the signed document would be presented for further deliberation at their National Executive Council (NEC) meeting which will be convened this week.

The Supervising Minister for Education, Nyesom Wike, while reading out the MoU terms,said, “let me say clearly that today is not just historic, it is one of the happiest days of my life since I became the Minister of Education. really?

“As you are all aware ASUU had been on strike for well over five months on account of their resolve to bring about a new lease of life to all public universities, following Mr President’s personal intervention with the marathon meeting we held on November 4, 2013".

“As a responsible and responsive government, we have a duty to restore normalcy to our university system so that our children can resume classes and pursue their educational careers. Consequently, the vice chancellors of the federal universities were directed by the pro-chancellors to immediately re-open the universities for academic activities while the minor discrepancies are sorted out". responsive for more than 5 months?

The ASUU president's response - “Honourable minister, if what we had agreed on at that 13 hours meeting had been judiciously documented and our members were convinced that it would be implemented, we wouldn’t have wasted this time because we have a lot of respect for the office of Mr President.

“Our members are intellectuals and it’s simply because over the years particularly since the signing of the 2009 Agreement, we have been pursing government to get that agreement implemented we only succeeded in getting implemented a portion of that agreement and here we are over four years, but I think it’s never too late. Please Mr. ASUU President, call off the strike.

09 December 2013

Finding Help From A Counsellor

A counselor is someone (usually with a major in psychology) who specializes and is qualified to help others better understand their issues and assist them in finding the best solutions to their problems. Most people feel offended when counseling is suggested because they feel that they are being portrayed as a "crazy" person.

Seeking expert advice and input on the events that take place in your life does not define you as crazy or less knowledgeable than anyone else. In fact, accepting that you are experiencing a difficult situation in your life defines you as more knowledgeable, because you care enough about yourself and your issues to find successful solutions. Too many people mistake counselors with psychics or miracle workers. The truth is, no one knows what is really going to happen in your future beforehand, nor can anyone make things 100% better for you. You hold that power.

Counselors are dedicated to giving you good guidance and advice on how to make your troubling issues better, so that you can live happier and get what you need and deserve from the things and the people in your life. A counselor will also assist you in becoming a better friend to yourself, teaching you self-help methods that will help you love yourself more so that you can achieve your dreams and goals.

Keep in mind that there is no need to feel embarrassed or afraid to talk about anything with your counselor. Counselors do not and will not judge you. Their only desire is to get all the information that is necessary from you, so that they can help you in everyway they can.

There are many cases where someone wants professional help, but does not know when it is the right time to get it. The right time to receive expert assistance is when you feel you cannot solve your problems on your own even though you have tried on numerous occasions, or whenever you feel the need and desire for professional input.

You know when the right time is, so when you get that feeling, be sure to act on it right away before you give your insecurities and/or doubts about counseling time to come to surface, which will most likely cause you to back off and change your mind. If you do start to get doubts, just fight it by keeping in mind of why you considered expert help in the first place. By ignoring your own cries for attention and assistance, will only make your issue worse over time and leave you more frustrated than you were to begin with.

So listen to yourself and trust yourself, seek for help to lead  healthy life!

Did FIFA Fix The 2014 World Cup Draw?

Eurosport has claimed that Group F, involving Argentina, Nigeria, Iran and Bosnia-Herzegovina may have been fixed. Quoting series of social networking websites allegedly opened 24 hours to Friday’s draw, it claims that conspiracy theories are flying after a user on Twitter apparently correctly

Today, My Biggest Opportunity!

Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion and to grab opportunities that come my way.

When opportunity knocks, please answer the door. Don't keep asking who is it. Many times people let opportunities slip past them. They don't or won't recognize these changes that may not come again.

The good thing about life is everything passes; nothing stops and every day is the biggest opportunity in our life.

Let's make it a great day!

08 December 2013

Talk About VIP Seating

One teenage Kim Kardashian fan got the thrill of a lifetime Thursday in New Orleans, as she got to sit with the reality star at a Kanye West concert after connecting randomly on Twitter.

06 December 2013

VIDEO: Women Being Tortured By Men

This video was shared on BB... It was alleged that the women stole pepper.

My mouth was agape while I watched this video as I kept asking myself wether those men in the video don't have any woman in their lives to make them treat these women with such inhumanity. What is the use of the court? Why do people easily take laws into their hands?

Lend your voices in your own little way to kick against jungle justice in the nation. Use any social media available to you...

Who Is Your Real Friend?

Not having people around you who genuinely share in your joy, and give you a shoulder to cry on can be really heartbreaking, and more heartbreaking is when you have trains of people around you but they do not help build your self esteem. This can be likened to being alone in a crowed. Read on to know who a REAL FRIEND is, you can also share with who a real friend is.

Nelson Mandela A Great Legend Has Passed On

Nelson Mandela, one of the greatest leaders of modern times, passed away Thursday 5 December 2013 at his home in Johannesburg. He was 95.

South African President Jacob Zuma announced that Mandela, "the founding president of our democratic nation, has departed," adding that he "passed on peacefully in the presence of his family at 8:50PM."

Mandela will be accorded a state funeral, Zuma said, and national flags will be lowered to half-mast.

The US president Barack Obama in his tribute to Nelson Mandela, said Mandela no longer belongs to us but to the ages.

I'm watching the documented history of the legend on TV...rest in peace Mandela!

05 December 2013

Beauty Pageant In A Church... Huh!

This announcement was greeted with mixed reactions from members of the public after Pastor +Chris Okotie  stirred up controversy on the socia media when he said in his sermon last Sunday that all Catholics were going to hell cos they have an anti Christ Pope.

The church took to its official Facebook page to explain the concept behind the planned beauty pageant.

03 December 2013

Tension In Borno

The people of Maiduguri the capital of Borno State were under attack by suspected Boko Haram group. The attack which started at about 2:30am to 8:00am pulled tension on residents as they the insurgents attacked the Military Airforce Base, Police Posts, International Airport, aand even some residents in the Military barracks...

Please read the full story HERE and say a prayer for Nigeria.

Update on ASUU Strike

Last week the FG gave ASUU Mon. 4th Dec to return to classrooms or face dismissal. The strike is still on...

Prof. Fagge the ASUU president has vowed that the strike will continue untill the agreement reached between ASUU and the FG in 2009 is implemented as discussed in their meeting with Mr. President.

I pity the students who are the direct victims of this strike. What more can I say? ASUU said it is fighting for the good of the students...hehehe.

Now, will the Federal Government (FG) go ahead with their threat? Let's just hope things don't get worse.

Let's Make It A Great Day - Change!

CHANGE? Don't just talk about it, go out there and do it. Don't just meditate about it, go out there and create it. Don't just pray about it go out there and take action; participate in the answering of your own prayer. If you want change, get out there and live it.

Do you want to make your Life exciting? Then find a purpose that will make you jump out of bed each day with Enthusiasm, Power and Excitement.

What makes you enthusiastic and exciting?

29 November 2013

Kim Kardashian's Emotional Thanksgiving Message

Kim Kardashian appears to be loving mother and this Thanksgiving she had something extra special that she was thankful for: her daughter North West. Baby North was born in June following an apparently difficult pregnancy and the Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star wanted to share with her fans her feelings on this very special holiday.

Writing on her blog yesterday, she said,

Thought For The Day

If you are breathing, you have a chance to change your situation. Don't look to anyone else to do this. It's like looking in a mirror. Who do you see? Don't look to the left or the right. The person straight ahead is the one in charge of your life. Keep moving ahead. Continue on in your journey. The buck stops with you and you alone. If you want to make your life better, you must take the reins and ride like your life depends on it!

Healing River in Enugu a.k.a Orimiri Jordan

Enugu The hitherto sleepy town of Nachi, a community located in the Udi Local Government area of Enugu State has remained relatively unknown until recently when a mysterious stream visited the community.The mysterious water, which allegedly heals all kinds of ailments, was first sighted by a Fulani herdsman. It has now transformed the community from an obscure and quiet village into a beehive of activities.

All roads now lead to Nachi as thousands of people

28 November 2013

Internet Havoc! Parental Guidance Needed

A 12-year-old boy has been sentenced after he tried to re-enact scenes from a bad film he watched on the internet by molesting his younger sister.According to Dailymail, the schoolboy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, searched for hardcore films on the internet with a classmate – then went home to practise what he had seen on his younger sister who was under the age of 10.He shares a bedroom with his younger sister.

Their parents discovered what was going on when the scared little girl confided to a relative that her brother had touched her.The boy was questioned by another family member and he admitted having urges he could not control. He knew what he was doing was wrong and the sexual abuse had been going on for a year.

The boy was charged to court where he admitted to three charges of rape, and was sentenced to a three-year youth rehabilitation order.

Parents please watch what your children do online

ASUU Dismisses FG's Threat To Sack Lecturers, Says It's An Insult

The Academic Staff Union of Universities has said the Federal Government’s December 4 ultimatum issued to universities teachers to return to the classrooms is a clear indication that the government is not committed to implementing any of the resolutions it reached with the union.

While reacting to the threat of the Federal Government to sack the lecturers if they fail to call off their five-month strike by Wednesday nest week, ASUU National Treasurer, Dr. Ademola Aremu, said the union was shocked that the government could have such plan when there was a shortfall of 60,000 lecturers in Nigerian universities, owing to the government’s failure to employ enough teachers.He added that the threat would not hinder the union’s determination to ensure that Nigerian universities were well funded.

FG To Sack Lecturers If They Fail To Return To Classrooms...

The Federal Government on Thursday gave the Academic Staff Union of Universities,  one week ultimatum to call off the ongoing strike.The acting Minister of Education, Nyesom Wike, stated this while briefing journalists in Abuja.Wike said those who refused to report to work after the one week ultimatum among the ASUU members would lose their jobs.

23 November 2013

Are You In The Wrong Company? Find Out

A big part of who you become in life has to do with who you choose to surround yourself with. Sometimes luck controls who walks into your life, but you decide who you let stay, who you pursue, and who you let walk back out. Ultimately, you should surround yourself with people who make you a better person and let go of those who don’t. Here are some warning signs you’re in the presence of the wrong company:

1. They only make time for you when it’s convenient for them. It’s obvious, but any relationship without regular interaction and communication is going to have problems, especially when there’s a lack of commitment. Don’t waste your time with someone who only wants you around when it’s convenient for them. Being in a relationship with someone who overlooks your worth isn’t loyalty, it’s stupidity. Never beg someone for attention. Know your self-worth, and move on if you must!

 2. They are excessively envious of what you have. A little bit of envy is OK, but when someone is excessively envious of what you have, there’s a good chance what they really want is to take it from you. Excessive envy doesn’t tell you how much someone admires you, it tells you how much they dislike themselves. If you can, try to help lift them up, but also be careful that they don’t pull you down. Oftentimes no amount of love, or promises, or proof from you will ever be enough to make them feel better about themselves. For the broken pieces they carry, are pieces they must mend for themselves. Happiness, after all, is an inside job.

 3.They motivate you to be judgmental or hateful. Truth be told, no human being is superior. No faith, race, size or shape is inferior. All collective judgments about others are wrong. Only judgmental hypocrites make them. If you judge others by their skin color, their body size, and their outer beauty, you will miss EVERYTHING about who they really are. It is amazing the quality of people you will learn about and meet in this world if you can simply get past the fact that lots of people are not dressing and living the way you do.

 People who motivate you to judge or hate others are as bad as bad company gets. Avoid them at all costs.

Your turn...

What would you add to the list? What’s one big warning sign you’re in the presence of bad company? Please leave a comment below and let us know.

22 November 2013

Student Sentenced To Death By Hanging For Stealing

A Delta State High Court in Effurun has sentenced one Moses Akatugba to death by hanging for robbing a female victim of her cash, GSM handsets and recharge card vouchers. The 24-year-old secondary school student was convicted on a two-count charge of conspiracy and armed robbery...culled

Moses and his accomplice, who died as a result of gunshot injuries  was said to have committed the crime at number 30, NNPC Housing Complex Road, Ekpan in Udu Local Government Area of the state, according to the prosecution. The prosecution had also told the court that the convict and his late accomplice, at gun point robbed one Mrs. Akpor Mazino of N113,930.00, three GSM handsets, 54 various denomination of MTN vouchers, 28 Econnet vouchers and 25 GLO vouchers valued over N100,000.

 The prosecution averred that the offence was contrary to Section 6 (b) and punishable under Section 1(2) (a) of the Robbery and Firearms (Special Provisions) Act Cap R11 Volume 14 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.

  ...and I wonder why the law is made in such a way that it doesn't mete out same punishment on public office holders who steal public funds.

Names Of 2013 Nigerian National Merit Award - NNMA

After weeks of rigorous screening, the Federal Government has finally released the names of three distinguished Nigerians that have been pencilled down to receive this year’s Nigerian National Merit Award (NNMA).

The three distinguished Nigerians drawn from Science, Humanities and Engineering/Technology, include Professors Seth Sunday Ajayi, Francis Abiodun Irele and Hillary Iyang Iyang.

Professor Ajayi is a major figure in the international community of scholars in Wildlife Conservative and Environmental Protection and Management. Professor Irele is an author of over a hundred papers, while Professor Iyang is an acknowledged leader in research.

President Goodluck Jonathan will on December 5 at the presidential villa confer the awards on the recipients. It may also interest you to note that in all its 34 years of existence, the NNMA has conducted a controversy-free award, for which it has consistently earned national and world-wide respect.

LG Smart TVs Log What You Watch Even If You Tell It Not To

LG Smart TVs silently log which channels you watch and when you change channel, accordiaccording to blogger DoctorBeet.

Even when users turn off the “collection of watching info” setting, it continues to send your viewing data back to the South Korean company, the UK computer enthusiast claims. The data, sent in an unencrypted format, appears to be collected by the company so it can target customers with adverts.

DoctorBeet discovered his LG TV was reporting information on his viewing habits “regardless” of his settings, and that it even sent the names of media files accessed on TV-connected USB sticks back to the manufacturer.

Has any other person noticed it? 

21 November 2013

Heart Touching Story...

You probably must have read it somewhere... it's all good.

A doctor entered the hospital in hurry after being called in for an  urgent surgery. He answered the call asap, changed his clothes &  went directly to the surgery block. He found the boy’s father pacing in the hall waiting for the doctor. On seeing him, the dad yelled: “Why did you take all this time to  come? Don’t you know that my son’s life is in danger? Don’t you have  any sense of responsibility?” The doctor smiled & said: “I am sorry, I wasn’t in the  hospital & I came as fast as I could after receiving the call…… And  now, I wish you’d calm down so that I can do my work” “Calm down?! What if your son was in this room right now, would you calm down? If your own son dies now what will you do??” said the father angrily The doctor smiled again & replied: “I  will say what Job said in the Holy Book “From dust we came & to  dust we return, blessed be the name of God”. Doctors cannot prolong  lives. Go & intercede for your son, we will do our best by God’s  grace” “Giving advises when we’re not concerned is so easy” Murmured the father.

The surgery took some hours after which the doctor went out happy, “Thank goodness!, your son is saved!” And without waiting for the father’s reply he carried on his way running. “If you have any questions, ask the nurse!!” “Why is he so arrogant? He couldn’t wait some minutes so  that I ask about my son’s state” Commented the father when seeing the  nurse minutes after the doctor left. The nurse answered, tears coming down her face: “His son died  yesterday in a road accident, he was at the burial when we called him  for your son’s surgery. And now that he saved your son’s life, he left  running to finish his son’s burial."      

The moral behind this story is that we should never judge anyone because we never know how their life is or what they are going through.

Couple Sell Child For iphone Via Internet

Teacher Beats Four Years Old Pupil, Says She Was Stubborn.

Detectives in Ondo State have detained a primary school teacher, Alade Adebayo, for allegedly flogging to death a four-year-old female pupil Elizabeth Wanogha.

The deceased pupil was a student of a private primary school, Falaye Memorial Nursery and Primary School, located at Fanibi area in Akure metropolis.

The  teacher, according to report, accused the deceased of being stubborn in the class. He was said to have beaten the girl to a state of coma.

Cries from other pupils in the class reportedly attracted other teachers who rushed to the scene where they found that the girl had fainted.

She was said to have been rushed to a private hospital and was admitted but reportedly died later.

Police authorities, however, said that the pupil died two weeks after the beating by the suspect.

The father of the deceased, Mr Wanogha lodged a complaint at the Fanibi Police station, alleging that his daughter died  as a result of the injuries sustained from the severe beating by her teacher.

Following the complaint, the teacher was arrested for interrogation.

Contacted, the Police image maker, Wole Ogodo, confirmed that the teacher had been arrested.

Ogodo however said that people should not jump into conclusion that it was the beating which took place about two weeks earlier that led to the death of the pupil.

He pointed out that the autopsy will determine the cause of the pupil’s deah, while the propritor of the school declined to comment on the matter.

What a sad news!

20 November 2013

Better Day... Read

Everyday is a good day! To some it isn't. Everyday is a new beginning to make things right, to achieve new goals,
To you who wished you didn't wake up today, I say congratulations because not everyone made it to 'today'.
I urge you to go out there and face today, empty that bag full of procrastination and fill it up with determination.

Go out there and conquer!

19 November 2013


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This site is sort of for the people that I know, so they can get to know the real me.. and for the people that I dont know that can get to know me.

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