16 July 2014

Excuse Me Laugh

Hi people, how's it? Y'all know that life is not all about being serious. You've got to take a timeout to chill, and most of the time laugh off your stress.

So, I decided to share some funny photos I got from the internet with you. Hope you find them funny... Enjoy!

now he can go back to school and stop singing oweeeyaaah 

yes...can be very annoying 

15 July 2014

Fight In Church!

What could possibly make some one explode with anger in the house of God? This question has kept running ‘off’ and ‘on’ my mind.

I was at a church service, and serious and heavy prayers were going on such that everyone was shouting at the top of their voices in attempt to bind and resist the devil and its devices. I happened to sit at the back as part of the Editorial Team in the church… There was a distracting scene, an usher and a member! What!

I only saw the member pushed the usher on the chest, the usher retaliated by also pushing him back, immediately they began exchanging punches. Oh, and these are married men. I asked myself… “In the House of God?” “the devil is really confused and is on rampage”. But then why would two grown men allow themselves to be ‘used’? Could it be anger problem or ego? All these and many questions raced through my mind in few seconds my eyes witnessed the fight. Of course I continued with my prayers, this time not allowing any form of distraction.

Thanks to some other men who rushed and put the situation under control, it didn’t escalate or draw much attention. But I know, the few who saw what seem to be like a commotion around there would be somewhat confused. Thank God they (fighters) did not start lifting chairs.

Now, I don’t seem to remember the member’s face again, and whenever I see the usher, I can’t help but to wonder… What was really the cause of their fight in the church during service?Have you witnessed similar scene, can we share? SOURCE

01 July 2014

Happy New Month of July! My Birth Month!

Yay! It’s a new Month! Am I only excited for the new month? Here’s wishing you my blog reader a happy new Month of July and a smooth sail through the year 2014.

I’m happy and thankful to God for seeing us through to this day despite all our shortcomings… His Grace still abounds!

Were you born in the month of July? Happy birth month to you… You know things I cherish so much about July born? I’ll tell you. The month of July includes the Cancer/Leo people. These people are very caring towards their loved ones, fun to be with, quiet except when tensed or excited.

They have great understanding of life and observe things closely, which others tend to overlook. They put in efforts to work, and are hardworking… Their sense of organization is commendable and their work ethics can be motivational for many.

They are susceptible to mood swings and can be explosive at times. LOL… This volatile nature may at times hamper their relationships.They’re good home makers, they value friendship and feel extremely bad when they lose a friend, they always brood about the past and old friends (this, I don’t like). The list goes on and on. Oh, they are also very secretive!

I’m a proud ‘cancerian’! Happy New Month