Guys and Girls


I'm sure this sounds familiar...
You meet a woman that you are REALLY  interested in.You have an amazing conversation  with her, and she even agrees to go out on a  date with you. Finally, it seems that your luck is changing when it comes to your romantic life!     So you're all excited about being with her,  and you really want to make sure that you make  a good impression. You do everything that  you hear women saying that they want a guy to  do for them.

You take her out to nice restaurants, you  buy her things, you shower her with  compliments and you practice impeccable  manners such as: opening the door for her, being a good listener, returning calls, and even  calling her every day to tell her how much you  enjoy having her in your life...  

Then "it" happens...

She stops returning your calls, she starts  to become distant. In a desperate attempt  to reignite the flame, you continue to be the  nice sensitive and thoughtful man that any  woman would be crazy to not want in her life.

Then you hear the dreadful words that you've heard somany times before: "I like  you more as a friend", or "I'm just not  ready for a relationship now."    Or even worse, she drops almost completely  out of yourlife, and a few days or weeks  later you find out that she is dating some  "jerk" who is nowhere near as nice and  as respectful a guy as you are...

AGHHH!! Don't you hate that?

Now, my question is: why do women lose interest in NICE guys? Let's share.


  1. I personally loose interest in guys with bad hygiene, especially bad breath, unkempt facial hair, wearing belts that don't match...and always bashing the ex!

  2. I'm nt gonna hate her such is life,its nt a crime dat sum1 u luv dNt luv u bk...

  3. Human Behavior is a complicated process that has evolved since people walked the face of the earth. Humanity as a species has been trying to sort itself out for just as long. Men and women must eventually come to understand and respect each other in order for humanity to 'rock,' as heaven probably intended. But right now, women as a whole are reacting quite naturally to eons of physical and psychological abuse at every level of society. It could be that when a guy (hygiene compliant or otherwise) is especially nice to a girl, she doesn't know quite how to take it because society has programmed her to think that she shouldn't be treated that way.... Just a humble opinion from an old guy. Thoughts?


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