11 April 2014

Keeping Up With Social Media Troubles

My friend and partner in blogging Roselyn posted PRESSURES OF MY SOCIAL MEDIA LIFE few days ago on her website, it is such an entertaining write up about how we deal with our numerous social media accounts and the ever changing trend in the social media with the emergence of twitter, instagram, Whatsapp, BBC-BlackBerry Chat, etc... Go to her page and read more so you can relate with this post... Please don't forget to tell her you saw it here.LOL

In Nigeria, we have the likes of Naijapals, it's more like Facebook... If you like Facebook, you will definately love Naijapals!

That said, now to the main post...keeping up with social media wahala troubles.

I got this piece of joke from a friend on Whatsapp as I'm typing, and felt I should share it with you.

I fell in love with a girl called Amanda, but didn't have the guts to ask her out. So, I met a Native Doctor called "Baba Wey Sabi". All he demanded from me was 1 month BIS money which I paid & he gave me a ring called "Touch & Follow". He said: "all I need to do is to touch her with the ring & she will follow me". I was excited 'cos that's pretty easy. The next day when she was passing, I created a scene just to draw her attention & touched her like it was a mistake. I was expecting her to follow me, but she didn't. Rather, she moved on & was pressing her phone. I got disappointed & went home. On getting home, I checked my phone & saw 9 notifications, showing that Amanda is now following me on Twitter, Instagram, Kik, Badoo, Viber & sent me a friend request on Facebook, Whatsapp & 2go. I called Baba immediately to inform him & he replied: "My son, we have upgraded. Everything is now digital. It's bye-gone to rural settings; welcome to global village and, that's why I didn't ask for cock (chicken), brain of mosquito, vulture's eye & groundnut oil but, BIS to keep me online.
I find it quite funny.

Some people don't have good behavior on social media and act in a way they wouldn't in person. It's true for all the major platforms, but is also true in the world of online dating. People act assertive in ways that wouldn't be socially acceptable in a face to face meeting.

While it is sad to say, social networking can indeed result in wahala for the user. It should be a point of relaxation, but the truth of the matter is, drama in the real world will spill over into the realm of social networking, and vice versa, that's for sure.

Social media can definitely cause anger and depression. When you put a personal subject on a time wall, everyone and their friends can see what is being said. Many people use this outlet to voice their arguments, ideas, thoughts, and anger out there and some of it should be kept private. Fighting occurs and feelings are hurt, and these most often cause depression... I posted this image on my FB wall, and one guy saw it as a medium to vent his anger about me...like seriously?

It seems like almost everything that we do these days ends up on a Facebook, Twitter, etc posted by ourselves or by someone else... I once read somewhere that "it's not official until it's on Facebook". For crying out aloud must your every move be on social media? Admitted! Social media account is an extention of one's life, but there should be moderation in doing so.

There should not be a cause for pressure because social media networking is supposed to be relaxing and fun, but it does cause pressure, even stress, sometimes low self esteem... Just because you see people always sharing their never ending good side of life, we start feeling inadequate with our present life, start worrying about how the people on our friends list think of us, and get caught up in useless drama.

Thanks Roselyn for inspiring this. One... BIG HUG!

Now, over to you dear.
Did I state the obvious or was just ranting about?
Do you have those social media dramas a.k.a fights?


  1. LOL..@Baba wey sabi. Something about this post makes me really miss Nigeria.
    Thanks for sharing Catherine.
    Big hug from me here :-)

  2. You did justice to it, Thank you.

    1. Thank you too for visiting, reading, and commenting

  3. That is so true. People put things on social media that should be private. Or we get offended if a friend doesn't respond right away or "like" our post. Not to mention this nonsense with kids taping and posting fights...Oh and the other forms of cyber bullying. I had an ex that would go through my Facebook friends list and demand to know how and why I became friends with certain people. I'm scared for when my kids become part of the social media generation as well. Good post. Thank you!

  4. Thanks dear for sharing your social media experience with us...
    I understand your fears but, you need not be scared for them...just nurture them in the right way to use social media networks.


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