08 March 2014

Got A Noisy Neighbour? How Do You Cope?

Problem neighbours who create a noise or nuisance can be a real pain in the neck for people who just want to be left in amiable peace to enjoy their property or garden and get along with everyone.

Some may view complaints about nuisance neighbours as trivial.
There's no doubt that a nuisance neighbour really can make life hell.   The stress of tolerating unwarranted noise or antisocial behaviour by individuals who either don't know they're creating a nuisance or simply don't care can affect your health and sanity, not to mention your property value. So what can you do if you're faced with nuisance neighbours?

So here are a few tips to get you through those not-so-tranquil moments in your apartment, and hopefully restore some peace to your home.

Go talk to your neighbor. A lot of problems, including your noisy neighbor, can be solved with some good old-fashioned communication.
This doesn't have to be a confrontational conversation. If your neighbor plays his music too loud or too late at night, tell him that it's not the music that you don't like, but how late he's playing it. Unless you really don't like his music; then you may want to keep that to yourself. The point is that you don't have to be fuming mad and yelling to get your point across. Just state what the problem is and try to offer a solution that both of you can agree on.

Alright, so this is obviously the last resort -- or maybe it's your first resort depending on how you want to handle the situation. Reporting your noisy neighbor to your landlord could yield some positive results for you. Your landlord may send them a letter or talk to them in person about the noise. Many apartment buildings have a noise clause in the lease and your landlord may bring this up to your noisy neighbor.
If things really get out of hand, you may need to call the police to get your neighbors to quiet down. You may not want to do this unless things are really bad though.

If all of these suggestions fail, it may be time to look for a different apartment or a new building. Good luck!

Have you encountered a noisy neighbour before, how did you cope?

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  1. Though I haven't got noisy neighbours but, I'm sure the best way to cope is by talking about it with such neighbour because they may not know they are disturbing other people's peace.


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