29 March 2014

Appreciating Positive Women In Your Life

One of God's greatest creations is that of a woman.
She is an awesome example of radiance, magnificence
And stunning beauty.
She is your mother, stepmother, grandmother, wife, sister, aunt or friend-
Always manifesting elegance and confidence that only she can convey.

The world would be an empty place of existence
Without the touch of a woman…
Who would mend your first broken heart?
Who would chase your fears away?
The world is a much better place
Because of a woman's true inner being…
One of courage, determination and that of pure grace.

Be thankful for all of the positive women in your life,
For somewhere along the way …
They prayed for you-
Stayed when others left you-
Comforted you-
Held on when no one else believed in you-
Took pride in you-
Never lied to you-
Respected and protected you-
Nurtured and never forsake you-

Who could not love, honor and respect
A person who would give their all to you?
Let us honor all women not just on specific days, but every day-
For some woman, somewhere has loved, honored and respected you …
Why not thank Him for one of his greatest creations?
For if it were not in His divine plan and some woman's caring heart-
There would be no you or I,
So, why not thank God for women?


  1. Hi Catherine. It’s astonishing that people tend to comment far less whenever you (or perhaps anyone) speak on topics of ‘deeper’ meaning. I do hope it’s because people already understand and feel that no discussion is necessary. It would be miraculous if everyone took a moment to appreciate a woman in their own life. But even couples can’t agree on things, let alone governments and the world. That’s why there exists today the horrendous systems of hatred of women throughout the world – primarily through interpretation of religious doctrine by the (perhaps tainted and fatally rebellious) [male] human ego.

    For those of us who believe in prayer and quantum relevance, speaking out to remind humanity of the innate sanctity of womanhood and of women is always a worthwhile endeavor – maybe humanity’s saving grace. As I Googled your post title for similar content, I ran across this site (link at end) whom I think we’d be interested in checking out.

    I’m due to write today. This time it will be something really funny. I suspect that people can’t very well abuse women, fire a weapon, or even watch the news while they’re peeing their pants in gut felt laughter. Take care!


  2. Thanks Jim for always stopping by and dropping encouraging comments. I appreciate it


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