24 January 2014

Choosing Friends

How do you choose your friends, your pals, or even your partner? What criteria do you consider when selecting those who would befriend you? Do they show regard and esteem for you? Do they show a concern for others? Do they show respect for life?

Each time we choose a friend, pal, or associate, we choose a part of our destiny. Bad
associations corrupt good morals and destroy good personal conduct. Don't let the wrong people turn you into the wrong person. Don't allow bad associations to waste your goodness and love for life. Don't follow those who would lead you to forlorn hope.

Life is too meaningful to allow bad associates to waste your life. Select as your playmates, your chums, your friends, and associates those who will support your growth in a positive manner. Associate with those who show honesty, integrity, good character, and concern for their fellow man. Share your life with those who want to better themselves, their environment, their community, and this world.

Choosing your friendships is a lifetime effort. Learn who you can trust. Learn who you can rely on when difficulty arises. Learn who supports your thoughts and deeds. Know who you feel comfortable with. And, most of all know and cultivate the association of those who want to share God with you and the world.

© Bob Stoess
Bob Stoess is a Retired CEO, prolific writer and wonderful mentor.

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  1. I totally agree..nice one:)
    Choosing friends is like, say making soup, every ingredient counts..a little wrong thing, too much or too little of something can spoil it..and like in the post, life is too meaningful for poor associations:)


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