12 December 2013


This picture about a man who transformed from black skin to white skin has been flying on the Internet.

The first thing which came to my mind was 'inferiority complex', strong desire to gain approval, and being accepted. Another thought was it could be a 'photo trick'. People are getting creative by the day with the help of technology.

Whatever is the aim behind this picture, please beautiful people, never feel inferior; always think that you are the best and you can do whatever you want because life is full of those who will make you feel inferior.

No one can defeat us until we accept it from our own mind!


  1. People say he sells bleaching cream.LOL

    I've not been able to comment from my mobile phone don't know why.hope is not from ur page?

  2. Amaka I'm sure my page is compatible with mobile phone. Try checking Your browser settings if Java Scripts are enabled.... Thanks for always visiting


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