15 April 2014


Yay! I'm feeling fly!
NKYKATE'S BLOG has been norminated for the Sunshine and Shine on Award Roselyn K, she blogs at Kazini Daily. When I went online to google all about this award, I found out she tops on the google search rank...LOL not kidding. Thank you Roselyn for this.

This award is meant to help you know your fellow bloggers better and network with other bloggers, as well as reveal fun facts about you to help your readers know you better.

  • Use the logo below in the post.
  • Link to whoever nominated you.
  • Write ten pieces of information about yourself.
  • Nominate ten fellow bloggers (or less if you have less followers) “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.”
  • Inform the nominees on their blog.

Ten pieces of information about me

1. My profile picture is photoshopped
2. I still have urge to sometimes bath in the rain
3. I can multi-task. I also love cooking...it's my hobby!
4. I've once skipped taking my bath to school...that was in secondary school
5. I don't know what the hell is 'blogville'. How does it work?
6. I have long hair...friends call it Nigerian-Brazilian hair. For my mind o
7. I can stay indoors a week at a stretch provided I have food, internet, and electricity in the house.
8. I dislike people who talk when seeing a movie.
9. I love listening to music and jokes. I love to dance.
10. I get somewhat irritated and ucomfortable being around a chronic complainer...one who complains at every little thing.

The list goes on and on but, I must stick to the rules.

...and the nominees are!
Frances Okoro
she's a talented and an inspirational writter who's not ashamed to talk about the word of God. I learn from her everyday post.

Jim Coy
He's a great philosophical writer and a poet. love his poems

Diana Domain
she shares more of her amazing personal life

Ritah Nakyeyune
She blogs sugary tales like fashion, recipes, travel, and books

Adetutu Zainab
she shares continental and intercontinental recipes. If you love trying out different recipes like me, you'd love her blog.

Uchenna Ezeonyeka
she shares amazing, simple but great tips on maintaining a natural and healthy hair. I.I use most of her tips for my hair and they work really good.

Hannah Lawan
shes a motivational writer

Maggie Pegg
She blogs everything fashion,, and a has a good fashion sense.

Chic Therapy
She blogs fashion, beauty product reviews and more. Don't know her real name, hopefully with this award she would be able to tell us her name.

Dorothy DotDot
She's a fashion designer, she sews clothes for her family, and shares new sewing techniques.

Ps: my browser is acting up, would upload the award pictures soon.
Thanks for reading, please do leave a comment.


  1. Oh thank you pretty for nominating me:) Will be sure to do this as soon as possible. And I have never understood blogville myself, just can`t be bothered. Lol Your answers are very entertaining .)

    1. You're welcome.dear. I thought I was the only one who doesn't understand it...now I can stop feeling awkward about it. Can't wait to read yours

  2. Thanks for the award sweetie!Hahaha about the real name!

    1. You're welcome dear. And I'm serious about the real name hahahah

  3. Your kindness is so much appreciated. Thank you Catherine for all that you do. I continue following you. If you ever need a favor… anything… know that you’ve made a friend here!

    1. Thanks Jim for also being there. I won't hesitate to ask for any favours, this is an open cheque.

  4. *smiles*
    *bows here*
    thank you, thank you.. will answer the questions soonest..
    ps:you have nigerian brazillian hair eh? i dey jealous you oh..

    1. Hahaha bow ke? You never seize with ur sense of humour, Frances.

  5. gracias, gracias!
    will efinitely get to answering my own questions..
    thanks dear.
    and am jealous oh, at your nigerian-brazillian hair

    1. you're welcome dear. My hair is one of the assets I've got o, I flaunt it like I don't care hehehe. Abeg no jealous.

  6. Lol..I cant multitask for the life of me!! :(
    Thanks for accepting the award Catherine..keep smiling!!

    1. thanks too for nominating me..sisters having each others back.
      multi-tasking is sure not an easy task...

  7. Thanks for the award. You're so kind!

    1. You're welcome dear. Thanks for the compliment

  8. WOW,...I want some of your hair ooh...good to hear these facts about you Catherine.....I enjoyed it.....thank you for also nominating me....I have just done mine and you can now check it out on my blog. thanks a lot,..I'm honored dear. love you

    1. I've checked yours and couldn't stop laughing..

  9. Nice one..I guess I've missed a lot :(

    1. Yes babes you sure have missed a lot. Where have you been? I keep checking on you like a baby asleep :) it's good to have you back.hugs


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