13 April 2014

Palm Sunday Love

Hello dear, happy Palm Sunday to you. How are you preparing for the Easther celebration?
So I stole this romantic love poem from Jim Coy. If you are a lover of poem you will love this LOVE poem below.

A box of chocolates is my mind
A piece of my will in the shape of your sweetest song
You are always on it
It is not offered.  It is already yours
You know that so blessed well – your knowing intoxicates me
You carry me on a breeze wherever you go
And as you go, my thoughts hover gently above… slightly behind
Angel Guardian am I… earthed and fleshy, just as thee
A bouquet of devotion does my lover display
Life is foolish, vain and proud…
Life is Honey Sweet
Life is utter bliss

A colorful lollypop is your soul, your lap, a pillow of energy down
Your face is a rose who delights in attention, the mind’s caress
A bonnet of garland becomes your hair
‘Tis the mist of your beauty that never fades, snickering the passing of years
You never know what you’re gonna get
Your purity assures you that it is all good
My mind, my heart… my every piece is ordered to your confection
Every moment… each tender feeling, a unique texture and flavor unto itself
Enjoy all, my love, one by one
Each nestled in rarefied pastel leafing
At once and again replenished upon being with you
Life is a rainbow, Holy One… a very safe and special journey

You are my Emancipator’s daughter
A child of higher sight and knowing
And I, your priest on Life’s row, revisit you with each breath
Blessing unions prepared to me secretly
Wallowing carefree the practice of faith
You needn’t utter a word nor raise a finger, blessed one
You screw me so sweet from where you stand
With the blink of your eyes you command me
Support?  Honor?  Cherish?  Obey?
Nostalgic, such features are standard – not much so today
From your Valentine, Life is a Dream
And you are the way.

Did you love it? We'd love to hear from you. pls don't forget to visit Jim's Page. Help me to show him some support.

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