14 December 2013

First Lady Patience Jonathan's New Name - 'PEACE'

In a bid to restoring peace back to Nigeria, the First Lady has announced that she be addressed as 'MAMA PEACE'. Probably she is no longer 'patient' and has decided to baptize herself to 'peace'.

She said, “My name is no more Patience but now Mama Peace because I believe that without peace, there will be no more women, no more children and no more health sector. Without peace, the international community will be afraid to come and invest in our country.

“Peace is from the heart and not from the tongue or lips; not what you say but what is in you. We pray for genuine peace because peace is the key to our arriving at our desired destination as a nation. “We are approaching the new year which is a year of peace, progress and so many good things to come. 2014 is going to be a year of no militancy and no Boko Haram because God will shower peace and make us take a U-turn from disaster.”

Don't I just love this lady? She could make a good president - my opinion.

1 comment:

  1. she is just confused.
    Action speaks louder.



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