02 October 2014

Stand Up Nigerians @ 54th Independence Anniversary!

Hello friends! Nigeria our country is 54! Happy Independence to all of us.
I know this post would have been more suitable yesterday being October 1, but it is better late than never... By my guess, celebration will still be on in Aso-Villa, and felicitation from all over the world will still be pouring in...to the President of course.
So,here is my piece. Please after reading, say a prayer for our country Nigeria.

Stand up warrior, don't give up,
Despite your bruises and wounds you must continue to fight on.
Just keep your feet on the ground and stand alone,
GOD watching over you, His love unfolds.

Shield yourself with UNITY, FAITH, HOPE & LOVE;
Even if you fall many times, don't give up.
With your determination to move forward,
You may soon realize trials are a blessing in disguise.

To be a warrior is not an easy task.
In the face of combat the best guides are UNITY, FAITH, HOPE & LOVE.

Stand up warrior, don't give up!
Expect more trials to come, arise!
Don't lose your attention, be on the right track.
Don't let yourself depart from the path you're taking,

No holding back.
Stand up warrior, don't give up!


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