29 September 2014

OMG! Smelly Vagina! Help!

I probably don't know whether this was a spam mail or not. It's been lying on my inbox for 3 months now, but I just stumbled upon it today and thought I should share it.
Whatever source it came from, I just hope the reply is not too late, and I hope you get the reply I sent.
Well, if it's from a human then I'm glad to be of help. (haven't gotten mails like this before).

Please, dear reader, after reading if there are any suggestions you have to help please do not hesitate to drop it in the comment box below.

Read the mail below-->

Good morning, am a young man of 38 years engaged to be married November this year, I am facing some terrible issues in my relationship, i need advise from the ladies most especially. My fiancee's private part smells and it makes me uncomfortable whenever I want to have sex with her, I really love her because she posses good qualities of a house wife but the odour from her private part is making me feel sad about the whole thing, what do you advice she does to stop this odour, please I need advise. Thanks.

Please leave your advice/suggestions below, thanks.
I suggested this.


  1. Does she know her VG smells? She has to be aware, he should talk to her about it if they are to be married in few months and they can both find a lasting solution.


    1. She should be aware cos it's her body. Thanks for ur contribution Zeezee.

  2. I think he should tell her. My advice to her is to buy feminine wipes, summer's eve vaginal wash, and wear cotton undies. Also, douching after her period and eating healthier will help with the odor as well.


  3. Were I to be facetious (and I am), I would say, get the woman into a situation where she is upwind of a gynecologist. When a man loves his dog and the dog has what he perceives to be a problem of a biological nature, he might consult a veterinarian – or even a long lost enemy – long before he would consider soliciting advice from a general audience of human beings. When a man truly loves a woman, however, no problem in life has a difficult answer. If they intend to be married, especially, it makes little sense why the issue hadn’t been discussed between the two of them, rather than by one of them, clandestinely, among the world at large. IOW…WTF?

    1. Thanks Jim for contributing... I always look forward to ur comments cos u always throw more light on my posts.
      I stilll believe that there are some issues people feel more confortable discussing with faceless people online than with close friends and relatives due to possible stigmatization ir labelling...thanks to the internet.

      All the same, talking to a gynaecologist on this issue wouldn't do any harm.

  4. I think proper treatment will solve the problem.


  5. Your first comment and probably ur first time here....welcome!
    Thank you Francis for lending ur thoughts. I would like to see more of you here. I've visited your blog and u have great content there. Keep it up.


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