05 November 2014

How To Wear A Faux Bob Hair Style With Your Natural Hair

Ladies get in here…!

First of' Let me wish you a Happy unique month of November 2014, may you achieve all your dreams and aspirations... Amen!
In another news, this blog will be one year in two weeks time! (Wednesday, 19 November).

Now, to the main post!

You all know the ‘iconic’ hair style of Michelle Obama?
In this post, I will be sharing how you can style your Natural Hair into Michelle Obama’s hair without having to cut or trim your hair (like she does) especially if you have a long hair like me. You don’t have to visit the salon or seek the assistance of a professional hair stylist with these easy steps. So, make sure you bookmark this post for future referencing. *wink*

Ready? Let’s go!

What You Need
* Your styling comb (necessary)
* One small rubber-band (important).
* Two small-sized hair clips (important)
* A styling Spray Gel (optional)

Styling Procedure:
1. Comb your hair all back. You can style the front if you wish to.
2. Tie the tip of your hair with the rubber-band to the length of your choice.
3. Then, roll the hair inwards a little bit above your neck as though you are using Rollers.
4. Now, with the hair rolled inwards, clip the hair to your scalp with the hair clips – one on each side (left and right side).
5. Spray the styling gel randomly on the hair to maintain styling for a longer period.
6. That’s it! You’ve got your Faux Bob hair style done! Go all out and flaunt what you’ve got!

Yea..! That's me.

NB: I don’t use styling gel, and the style lasts the whole day. Use what works for you!

Source:  My Wordpress Blog! You can check it out at your own convenience.

Don't forget to let me know how you nailed it...LOL!

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