13 May 2014

Your Kids And Violent Video Games

Whatever happend to the days when kids go outside to play in the sand, or simply with their toys? Now its all video games, every where you look that is all we see!

These days video games are very popular/common for children and also adults. There is a lot of violence games out there,  the child/player uses the tactics for how to kill someone from the video game and brings it to real life. There have been a lot of incidents about shooting and killing and then what do they say why they killed someone? A lot of the answers will be because they saw it in a video game. But it’s not only about violence; it is also about what it does to your child's body, if he plays too long and never stops until he sleeps, it affects their eyes, and body will always feel very tired.

People have also died from playing video games, believe it or not people have played so long that they forget to eat, drink , go to the washroom, and they were too into the game that they didn't even want to go to sleep! Also it loses your interest of doing other things, going outside, spending time with your family, doing school stuff and also loses interest of learning new things.

Parents might think it’s good because they think they are playing educational games but how popular are educational games? Coming back to violence games, people also get confused in reality and fantasy.

I've heard some video game players who have argued that they play video games and still maintain good grades at school, one claimed to have been able to do what his mates naturally could not do because from playing video games he became proficient in the use of computer. Oh! and I have a relation who was so much addicted to PS game in his growing up days, and became proficient in the use of computer without formal training... He's now a computer engineer (in the making).

I strongly believe that violent video games are bad because children are not supposed to see that bad type of behavior because a child's brain is like a blank slate, whatever it sees it stamps into their brain and they learn it. Normally, it would be based on the type of child but really, it does not matter who the child is, video games make children violent because they see what the people in the game are doing and they copy them. A 15-year-old boys parents took away his Xbox and he ran away then a month later they found his dead body. Two teenage boys went on a rampage and kill 2 police officers and 1 man after they played grand theft auto.

Parents need to stop using video games as a babysitter, get off the butts and start interacting with your kids!

Do you agree with me above or has voilent video games been of any advantage to your kids or anyone around you?
Let's chat about it.

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  1. Catherine, I’ve been reading this post all day long (on and off, between rocking chair and garden pasture), wondering what has suddenly brought this on. Something in me senses that a young student on the threshold of a fulfilling life should postpone concern with such a difficult issue.

    But on the other hand, you must be concerned if not enough others in the world seem to be, especially since your generation is the one to experience the fallout for decades to come.

    You have churned up some stuff in my mind with this. I would say that technology, in general, has the potential to be very evil, simply because it is a move away from nature in order to define ‘progress.’

    Could this be (something of) what the boko haram mean when they denounce “western influence?” Yes, these people are sick, evil… detestable. But despite what has been and what is, I think a return to nature, in some practicable way, and a focus on the simplest of religion and spirituality, would do much to temper the world. That might take time.

    What can adults do right now? Our children belong to us before they do any ‘influence’ outside the family. We can’t take their toys away and expect them to love us. But we can talk to them fervently about how some ‘influences’ are more harmful than others. Spend more quality time with them from the start. Never let them get hooked. Go fishing together. Be actively interested in their interests (as far possible). Go on trips. Camp out in the back yard once in a while….


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