01 March 2014

So Glad We Made It!

Yeay! It's another month already!

With great pleasure and delight, I proudly welcome you to this month of March.
How days fly, right? Yes! If a day passes by quickly, it was well wnjoyed.

How was the last month? The much talked about 'Val'... Some were fulfilled in the various ways they celebrated it while others felt they didn't have or get enough.

Well, love doesn't end in just that day (Val). You still have a chance to show  love to someone today.

This  day; I will make a difference in anyone's life I cross; only today, and daily, and  that's my mission!
To know in my heart I've touched someone's life is the most rewarding feeling I've ever known! They sometimes are not even aware that's my mission. I want to do things in secret knowing it is pleasing my Father God and Jesus. They are the only ones who will know, for they see my heart.

I sometimes try and carry too much weight for the size I am, but when I set my eyes on making a difference in someone's life, (no matter how small), that's when I find true happiness and fulfilment.

Choose today to look for opportunities to exercise your unique God-endowed,God-ordained gifts and calling. Define and refine your gifts, talents, and strengths.

Never underestimate the power of the gifts that are within you. Gifts and talents are given us to use not only so we can fulfill to the fullest the call in our own lives, but also so we can reach the souls who are attached to those gifts. There are people who's lives are waiting to be affected by what God has placed within you. So evaluate yourself.

I wsh you a happy New Month!


  1. Happy new month darling

    Nominated you for the liebster award on my blog...go check it :)

  2. Happy new month dear

    I nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog, you should check it :)


    1. Thanks hun, you're the best!
      Just made a post on it now...took me 5 days, hmmm.

  3. Happy new month Cate..may it bring to you everything that you desire, new lessons, trials and triumphs that will build you to a better person(not that u are a horrible one..lol).

  4. lol...you got me chuckling with ur last line! Thanks hun. I wish u same too, and even more


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