02 January 2014

The Countdown To 2014 Is Finally Over!

OK, It's now 2014, what now? Will we continue to fear all year or can we put the demons to rest? I find myself hoping that we all have a good laugh and look forward. I made a list of "things to think about". I think it will be fun just saying the date and writing it in my documents. It is hard enough to change the year each January!

If I had a magical crystal ball or could write a fantasy novel, I would be hard pressed to experience, either real or imagined, what the next 1000 years would produce. We will possibly live on another planet and I pray there is a cure for cancer and world hunger is non existent.

In my opinion, the miracles that have evolved the past years will never be rivaled. We have made mistakes in the past years but look at what we got right! Our past cannot be changed, only learned from.

As I look forward to the year 2014 I am going to strive to close my mind to the negative forces and all the things that 'could' happen. I will continue to love deeply. Happy New Year 2014 to my blog Readers especially +Uchenna Ezeonyeka, +Chiamaka Abasilim, +Frances Okoro, +Nky Lily Lete, +Ibrahim Ajala, and all the anonymous... Thanks for your support, I love you all.


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